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2 days in Prague – Weekend Travel Guide to Prague

There are few cities in the world that I loved like I loved Prague. It’s a city in Central Europe that was once a political, cultural & trade capital and residence of roman emperors. It’s a city that has witnessed everything from protestant reformation to both the world wars. Prague is on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites and showcases the best of history & culture in it’s every corner. I spent 2 days in Prague exploring the historic sites and eating delicious Czech food. If you are short on time but want to see the best of Prague,  use this itinerary to plan your perfect 2 days in Prague.

Get the most out of your 2 Days in Prague

Prague is a popular tourist destination and no matter what season it is, the city is bustling with travellers from across the world. With so much to see and do, you need to plan your trip really well to get the most out of your time. I think I can spend my entire vacation in Prague. It is that beautiful! But if you are travelling for a short holiday or just spending 2 days in Prague, this itinerary will be your complete guide for making the most of your time.

See my Prague food guide here for tips on local Czech food, what to eat, restaurant recommendations and suggestions for a vegetarian traveller.

Prague 5

Make an early start

Most of the places get busy with tourists after 9 o’clock so if you want to take that perfect photo at Charles Bridge or Old town square, it’s best to head out early in the morning. If you take a stroll in the city just after sunrise, all historical places almost come alive under the golden sunlight and you also get most of the city to yourself.

2 days in Prague - The Nomadic Gourmet
Top tip for spending the best 2 days in Prague – Visit the attractions early in the morning.

Make a solid itinerary

If I am travelling to place for a week or more, I don’t make a fix plan for all the days. I like to keep my time free to explore random places I come across or spend more time in one place. But if you have only 2 days in Prague, it’s best to plan your time wisely because this city has many beautiful places you just don’t want to miss!

Make friends with Google maps

You can reach all the major attractions on foot or by public transport. I use google maps for finding the easiest or quickest way in any city I travel. You don’t need to buy expensive tour tickets, tour bus tickets or hire taxis in Prague. Just find the best route in Google maps.

Accommodation – Where to stay in Prague

Prague is divided into 10 districts – Prague 1 to 10. Prague 1 or Praha 1 is the oldest part of the city and also home to Staré město – the Old town. The new town extends from Prague 1 to Prague 2.

If you are looking for less touristy districts and are open to travelling to the city, Prague 5, 6, 7 across the river are also a good choice. The neighbourhood of Karlin in Prague 8 is an upcoming, cosmopolitan area is also an excellent choice if you want to stay in a residential area. You can reach Prague 1 from Karlin in 10 min by Metro.

If you are staying for only 2 days in Prague, I would strongly recommend that you stay in Prague 1 as most of the attractions/points of interest are in Prague 1.

I found some beautiful apartments in Prague 1 on AirBnB. You can sign up using my code and receive £25 off of your first trip of £55 or more. Sign up here.

2 days in Prague - The Nomadic Gourmet
Spires & towers everywhere!

Attractions – Points of interest in Prague

If you wish to customise this 2 days in Prague itinerary, use this list of attractions.

Architecture & Historic places

See the list of top attractions & restaurants in Prague on Google maps here


Weekend itinerary for Prague

Day 0 – Late Arrival

No better way to start your trip than with Czech beer. Beer is an essential part of Czech culture. Prague has everything from giant commercial breweries to small local manufacturers. A lot of microbreweries conduct brewery tours and tastings.

2 days in Prague - The Nomadic Gourmet
Czech beer – Best enjoyed with local Czech food & good company!

My 2 top picks for Microbreweries would be – Pivovar U Supa & Novoměstský Pivovar. Both breweries have a nice relaxed atmosphere, beautiful interiors and a good selection of Czech beers.

Prague has many tours run by locals & young Czechs who are rediscovering their cultural & culinary heritage. Beer tours are a great way to walk around the city & to visit 2-3 microbreweries to taste their brew.

Have a hearty Guláš or roast Pork with dumplings and wash it down with good few glasses of Czech Beer. You have a busy day coming up!

Day 1

Start your morning with breakfast at Cafe Louvre. Stepping into this restaurant is like stepping 100 years back in time.The beautiful chandeliers, high ceilings and large windows remind you of a bygone era.

The restaurant opens as early as 8 am and serves hearty breakfast at very reasonable prices.

2 days in Prague - The Nomadic Gourmet
The beautiful interiors of Cafe Louvre

Feeling a bit hungover from all that beer last night? Try Czech breakfast with local cheese & ham or breakfast beef Guláš. It’s perfect for curing hangover & kick-starting your weekend.

After breakfast take a walk through the narrow cobbled streets & head to Old town square. There will be a lot of photo opportunities as you walk through these streets. The old town itself has buildings of various architecture styles. The most famous landmark is the astronomical clock with moving statues that has been operating since 1410. Currently it is undergoing renovation till late 2018 so make sure you check before visiting.

2 days in Prague - The Nomadic Gourmet
Narrow cobbled streets right in the middle of the city – Prague 1

As you make your way through one of the streets from Old town square, it will lead you to one of the most visited sights in Prague – Charles Bridge. Another historical landmark connecting the Old town to the Lesser town (Malá Strana). Each end of the bridge has a tower and the bridge itself has number of Baroque statues. From the bridge you can see the beautiful city & Prague castle. No matter what season you are visiting Prague, Charles bridge is one place that makes for an Instagram worthy photo! The views from the bridge are the most beautiful just around sunrise or sunset (if you can make it again!)

A tram ride & a short but steep walk will take you to Strahov Monastery. The monastery was founded in 12th century and has one of the most magnificent libraries in the world. This baroque library is one the places that you need to see at least once in your life.

2 days in Prague - The Nomadic Gourmet
The magnificent Strahov Library

All that walking must have made you hungry (& thirsty!). Visit the Strahov Monastic brewery to relax and to grab some lunch. Monasteries have started brewing beer as early as the 5th century in Europe. By brewing beer, the monks became self sufficient and were able to provide the visitors food & drink. The view from the monastery itself is spectacular and the brewery serves tasty & traditional Czech food.

Walk down the Petřín Hill from Strahov monastery gardens into the Vrtba Gardens. This enchanting garden was built for Earl of Vrtba in the 18th century. This garden can be bit tricky to find but then best kept secrets are the prettiest aren’t they?

2 days in Prague - The Nomadic Gourmet
When you find cute little cafes in hidden alleys

Your trip in Prague would be incomplete without trying the fine-dining in this city. Contrary to the popular belief, Czech cuisine is not just meat & potatoes. A new generation of young chefs are trying to revive the culinary heritage in Czech Republic bringing back the recipes of the previous generations in their menu in a new modern form. Best restaurants that I would recommend you to try in Prague are La Degustation & Eska. Make sure you reserve a table well in advance! More restaurants & details on local cuisine are here.

Day 2

New day, new place! Start your second day with a scrumptious breakfast at Cafe Savoy. This historic cafe in Prague is very popular and always has long queues of people waiting outside. And it’s not just the food that’s good, Cafe Savoy has beautiful interiors & a classy ambience.

Today is the day you explore Prague Castle complex. It is big, it is enchanting and it needs time to explore completely. Unless you want to explore cathedrals or buildings from inside, the entry to castle complex and all passages is free. In my opinion, you don’t need to buy a ticket if you are going to visit just for a few hours. You can admire the architecture of St. Vitus cathedral, the Golden Lane and many other historical landmarks completely for free. The castle complex has many lookout points from where you can see the entire city and understand why it is called the city of hundred spires!

Prague eating out guide - 2 days in Prague
Thinking of food..always! For best views of Prague Castle, walk around the castle complex

From Prague castle make your way down to Wallenstein gardens. Another magnificent baroque garden that you can’t miss in Prague. Wallenstein gardens are quite, tranquil garden where you can just sit & relax. Spend your afternoon with some beautiful peacocks roaming the grounds.

Let your last meal in Prague be a memorable one. This time I am not going to suggest any fancy restaurant or a fine dining establishment. Head out to Havelska koruna near old town. It is an old canteen style restaurant where you are given a slip as you enter, you select & take your food from the counter and after eating you pay at the till. Food is no fuss amazing, traditional Czech, mostly under 100 CZK. None of the staff speaks English and you will see that most of the customers here are locals. This is one of my best finds in Prague!

End your day with a quick visit to Wenceslas square, named after St. Wenceslas the patron saint of Bohemia. Why this place? As you are visiting Prague it is important to end your trip at a place that has witnessed a great deal of history. Wencslas square started off as a horse market, this is where declaration of independence was read and it’s the street used by Nazis for demonstrations.

2 days in Prague - The Nomadic Gourmet
Prague at night

Money matters – Exchanging cash in Prague

In Prague, most of the places will accept an international debit or credit card. While some places accept only CZK, EUR is widely accepted. DO NOT exchange money at airport or currency exchange shops. Not only you will end up getting a less than ideal rate but you will also end up paying commission. Best place to exchange cash is to withdraw from an ATM attached to a bank. There are various cash machine across city but withdraw only from the Bank ATMs to get the best rate and to avoid any scam.

Watch out! 

Prague like most famous cities is riddled with tourist traps and people selling things that cost way lot more than what they should. You need to avoid –

Purchasing Prague Pass & Prague Card

Not exactly a trap but definitely something you don’t need for your 2 days in Prague. The cost of these cards is a lot more than what is included in them. Most of the attractions in Prague are free anyways and can be easily reached by extensive pubic transport network. Pay for things as you need to use them.

Street food vendors & hawkers

Well don’t avoid street food altogther because you will be missing out on some yummy stuff but do make sure that the price published on the board is what you are being charged. Discuss the price beforehand and what’s included in the price. The sweet pastry – Trdelník is famous with the tourists and there are countless vendors selling them at anywhere between 100-200 CZK which is more than the cost of a full meal in Prague! Eat local food at local places wherever possible

2 days in Prague - The Nomadic Gourmet
authentic local food should not cost you a lot – Like this Goulash that costed just 65CZK (£2)!

Not-so-Czech things

Thai massage parlours, fish pedicures, things like Trdelník – not at all Czech! So why would you want to get that in Prague? Ask yourself if this is truly an experience you want to have in Prague? Is this something you travelled so long for?

Hungry in Prague – Prague eating out guide

I have posted a detailed eating out in Prague guide on what to eat in the city, which local Czech dishes to eat, best restaurants in Prague and even vegetarian restaurants in Prague for you vegetarian travellers. Click below to read – 

Get the guide here – Prague Eating Out Guide

Enjoy your 2 days in Prague!



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  1. Lovely post, those shots of the library and the small alley are amazing! I would love to visit and enjoy some of that goulash. It’s great that you can get good food on a budget!

    • The Nomadic Gourmet

      Thanks Natasha. I’m glad you liked it 🙂 One of my favourite things is to walk randomly for hours in these alleys! And yes, authentic Czech food is very light on your pocket. It’s only the non-local food that is usually expensive.

  2. Prague is one of my fav Eastern European cities – and I can’t believe I never visited Strahov Library! Looks stunning, and I love old libraries. Will add that and more to my bucket list. Great itinerary!

    • The Nomadic Gourmet

      Thanks Dina. Prague is now one of my favourite cities as well! If you are visiting Prague, Strahov library is a must visit place. A book lover’s paradise.

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  5. Prague is my dream city, I wish to visit there soon.

    Your travel guide is really awesome and informative.

    Thanks for sharing and photos are really awesome.

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