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2017 The Nomadic Gourmet’s year in review

2017..phew what a year it was!

A lot changed for me in this year – both on Personal and professional front. Changing my base to London was the best thing that happened in 2017, it brought with it a lot of challenges as well. Finding a new job (Yes, I am not one of those ‘quit my corporate job to travel 365 days a year’ kind of a person :)), saying goodbyes to my family & close friends and thinking of how The Nomadic Gourmet can bring you the best in travel & food.  Let me take you through The Nomadic Gourmet’s year of travel & food.

To be quite honest, I have not written many posts this year. Initially it was too difficult to juggle work, home, travel and my personal well-being. But as the year-end drew closer I felt more in control of my life and that of The Nomadic Gourmet. Exciting part is that I have my 2018 and 2019 travel plans ready 🙂

2017 in Travel


London is and will always be one of my favorite cities. Once you finish your touristy things and want to experience the real London, make sure to follow me on Instagram at The Nomadic Gourmet . I try to explore London by foot, avoiding the tourist traps and trying all things local in this beautiful city. When I am not travelling, you can see the real London on my instastories.

2017 in pictures - London
Just another sunset in London


My first vacation after relocating was in Belfast. Being a hard-core Game of Thrones fan, I did not miss the chance to visit the shooting locations – The Dark Hedges, Castle ward, Iron Islands I saw it all!

2017 in pictures - Northern Island

But it’s not just the Game of Thrones that made Belfast interesting for me, it was also the place where the famous RMS Titanic was built. I spent en entire day exploring the Titanic Quarter and Belfast’s maritime heritage.

Read about My weekend in Belfast


If London has my head, Scotland has my heart. No matter how many times I visit Scotland, I leave with heavy heart and make a better plan for next visit 🙂 Scotland is for everyone – Kids, adults, nature lovers, adventure seekers, food lovers. When I need to connect with nature, I head to Scotland!

2017 in pictures - Edinburgh
Beautiful Edinburgh


What if you can’t get into one of those prestigious Universities? Just spend a day in this city to get lost in the history and architecture.

2017 in Pictures - Oxford
Pitt Rivers Museum


Barcelona in my belly 🙂 I literally ate my way through this city for 48 hours. Currently I am writing the post on how to spend a weekend in Barcelona but let me just give you an idea on what your priorities should be once you are here –

  1. Food & Wine
  2. History & Architecture
  3. Food & Wine 🙂

Read about my guide to planning a perfect weekend in Barcelona

2017 in pictures - Barcelona
La Rambla


This was the last and the best destination for 2017. The chase for magical Aurora Borealis might have kept me awake for nights and the temperatures of -25 degrees might have left me freezing but to be able see the northern lights each night?? It was priceless!

Lapland is beautiful and people are warm. My Finland posts are coming soon on the blog. There are just too many gorgeous photos waiting to be uploaded!

2017 in pictures - Lapland
At Muotka Maja Wilderness Lodge

2017 in my belly

A quick photo journey through the delicious 2017

Belfast – Read & plan your Weekend in Belfast

2017 in pictures - Belfast
Belfast Bap – Sausage, egg, black pudding, Bacon..yumm!!
2017 in pictures - Finnish brandy Lapland
Jaloviina – Finnish Cut Brandy is a liquor made with Brandy + Grain spirit + Water
2017 in pictures - Stroh Rum Lapland
Austrian Rum – Enjoy with hot chocolate for those chilly nights

Barcelona – Plan your perfect Barcelona weekend with this guide – Barcelona Travel Guide

2017 in pictures - Jamon Barcelona
Iberico Ham
2017 in pictures - Catch of the day Belfast
Fresh catch of the day – Seafood platter in Belfast
2017 in pictures
Tapas no. 1
2017 in pictures - London cheap eats Wagamama
London Cheap Eats – Wagamama
2017 in pictures - Michelin dining Belfast
Michelin star dining – OX Belfast
Tapas 3
Tapas no. 2


2017 in pictures - Tapas Barcelona
Tapas no. 3 – You have to try Octopus in Spain or Greece!

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