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8 Fun things to do in Mykonos

Termed as a glamour island of Greece famous for its parties, Mykonos etches Ibiza-like image in our heads. Of course the parties are on throughout night and glamour quotient never runs out. But there is a side of Mykonos that is mostly unchecked, a side that is less favoured by the tourists but adds another gem to its crown. So you had a great night out, partied till morning and are now looking for fun things to do in Mykonos?


Here are my ‘Top 8 picks for fun things to do in Mykonos‘ 

  1. The 5 Windmills or Kato Mili – This is what you see on the postcards from Greece. A wonderful place to visit!  You get a gorgeous view of little Venice and Bay front sea side restaurants from up there. Walk around these iconic windmills transports you back in time to what Mykonos would have been. Also a fabulous photo op

Cost – Free

The 5 Windmills, Mykonos Greece
Fun things to do in Mykonos – Visit the 5 Windmills
  1. Explore Little Venice – You reach little Venice walking from the windmills down the stairs. It is famous for picturesque and quaint houses, standing like a wall above the sea. If you reach before sunset, grab a place in one of the restaurants here overlooking the sea and enjoy the sunset

Cost – Free

Fun things to do in Mykonos - Little Venice
Fun things to do in Mykonos – Explore Little Venice


  1. Take a Mykonos old town walking tour – If exploring the town on your feet appeals to you, a walking tour of Mykonos town is highly recommended. Not only will it involve visit to the windmills & Little Venice, it will help you understand the history of this town and get to know some insider information on best places to eat & drink. Take a stroll around the narrow streets and through cobbled alleys.


Mykonos has a church in every corner. Of all the churches, the most impressive is the Panagia Paraportiani. This whitewashed church, dates back to 1425. Right next to this church there is a small shop of hand-woven textiles operated by an old lady. It is an old art and so beautiful that you will end up purchasing one as a souvenir.

As you walk around the old town, you will find few elevated areas that are perfect for watching that beautiful sunset just like on postcards.


IMG_6399 copy

Cost – Free if you do it on your own otherwise €

  1. Stay in one of such beautiful villas and have your own party – Move away from all the hustle bustle of the Mykonos town and rent a beautiful villa like this we found on AirBnB. Never had a chance to meet the owner but the caretaker guided us to the villa from the ferry terminal. A little far away from the town but with the views like these, we had a party of our own every evening! FYI – The parties in Mykonos don’t start until midnight so have your own pre-party in one of these villas before heading out. You haven’t seen anything in Greece if you haven’t had views like these.


Things to consider – You should know how to drive since you will need to rent a car. Also, stock up on essential grocery items if you plan to stay longer than 1 day or two (Which you should)

Cost – Ranges from €€ to €€€€

  1. Head out to Scorpios – I think this was by far the most hidden treasure that I found in Mykonos. Scorpios is located between Paraga and Kavos beach. It has an almost private beach; little rough with pebbles but a great place appealing to yacht owners visiting the bay. The best time to visit Scorpios is late afternoon, right before sunset. Make sure you book a sun lounger, take a dip in the sea and head up to their restaurant/lounge area for some breath-taking view and good music.

Cost – €€€€


  1. Enjoy fresh seafood at Nammos – An uber chic restaurant cum party place located at Psarou beach.  Don’t forget to enjoy Sushi, beautiful Oysters and Clams served straight from the sea onto your plate. Albeit an expensive affair, this is one of the best places in Mykonos to splurge. You can also hire their cabanas (Around 80€, expensive I know!), order a bottle of bubbly and enjoy on an almost private section of Psarou beach. Be ready to spend a day at Namco. It’s famous for hosting international DJ’s & kickass parties. Party season runs from June – August. You might even spot a celebrity or two! Cost – €€€€


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7. Day trip to Delos – The island of Delos is short boat ride away from Mykonos. It is a mythical birthplace of Greek god twins Apollo and Artemis. Delos – a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must see place. Archaeological sites cover the entire island and since staying overnight is prohibited you can only make day trips to Delos.

Cost – €€

8. Go nude at Paraga beach (Yes, you read it right!) – If there is anything that the beaches in Mykonos are famous for is the abundant sunlight. Be a little adventurous and soak up that gorgeous sunlight! Paraga & Super Paradise are the beaches in Mykonos open to nude scenes and you will see plenty of folks of all ages enjoying the sun.

Fun things to do in Mykonos – Best place to sport your Birthday suit & soak up the sun

Cost – Absolutely Free!

And finally, enjoy one of the crazy parties like a Mykonian!



Hi!! I am Sneha - Nomad by choice and an investment banker by profession. Love food and enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. As an avid traveler, I am always planning my next itinerary. Join me on my quest for beautiful places, good food and memories that last forever. Explore the world with me.

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  1. Have been to Mykonos and was fascinated by the windmills. A walk down the cobbled roads is worth trying again and again . Here are the two posts that I wrote on Mykonos – Let me know how you like it

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    this is so informative. thanks! your photos are gorgeous

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  7. Visit Rarity Gallery! So many different mediums of art. Marilyn Monroe depicted from gummy bears… super impressive. All works will make you look twice and closer. Sculptures super lifelike. It was free and easy to see everything since it wasn’t too big. A must see! and get a trip design to yourself 🙂

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