At what age does a child start school in Scotland?

Children in Scotland usually start primary school in mid to late August when they are aged between four-and-a-half and five-and-a-half years old. Your child will be at primary school for seven years (p1-p7) before progressing to secondary school around the age of 11/12.

At what age do children start secondary school in Scotland?

(Funding is only available for children born in January and February). Pupils remain at primary school for seven years. Then aged eleven or twelve, they start secondary school for a compulsory four years with the following two years being optional.

What are the cut off dates for school years in Scotland?

In general, the cut – off point for ages is the end of February, so all children must be of a certain age on 1 March to begin class in August.

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What year is my child in Scotland?

Deferred Entry to Primary School in Scotland Your child will then start school the following year at the age of 5.5. In addition, if you decide to defer entry for a child with a January or February birthday, they will be automatically entitled to an additional year of funded pre-school education.

Are Scottish schools better than English?

Higher scores By 2015, 14 countries recorded better results, while the number with worse scores was down to 10. The comparison with other parts of the UK suggest that English pupils were “significantly above” Scots in science while Welsh schools performed “significantly below Scotland ” in each topic.

Can my child start school early in Scotland?

Children start Primary 1 aged between 4 and a half and 5 and a half depending on when the child’s birthday falls. This is a matter of law. Some parents/carers whose child has a birthday after this date can request if their child can be admitted early. e.g. starting school the previous August.

What year is Year 9 in Scotland?

In Scotland, Year Nine is the equivalent to Second year (S2) where pupils start at the age of 12 or 13 and end the at the age of 13 or 14. In Second year pupils pick subjects for Third year. In Northern Ireland, Year Nine is the second year of Secondary education. Children in Year 9 are aged between 13 and 14.

Where does Scotland rank in education?

With an average score of 534, Scotland ranked fourth behind Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong – and was well above the average of 474 for all 27 countries.

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What year is a 15 year old in Scotland?

Secondary education in Scotland

State School Year Ages
Secondary School First Year (S1) Ages 11–12 or 12–13
Second Year (S2) Ages 12–13 or 13–14
Third Year (S3) Ages 13–14 or 14– 15
Fourth Year (S4) Ages 14– 15 or 15 –16


What are the school years called in Scotland?

Children complete seven years of education at primary school (from P1 to P7) and a further six at secondary school (from S1 to S6). The system has five levels: Early (pre- school and P1); First (to the end of P4); Second (to the end of P7); Third and Fourth (S1 to S3); and Senior (S4 to S6, college, and so on).

What is the best primary school in Scotland?

Primary League Table for Scotland

Rank School Name Country
1 Portmoak Primary School, Kinross scottish
2 St Kenneth’s R C Primary School, Lochgelly scottish
3 Benarty Primary School, Lochgelly scottish
4 Kinglassie Primary School, Lochgelly scottish


Can I take my child out of school Scotland?

Being off school: Your child can be off school if there is a good reason. This can include if they are ill or if you have arranged permission from the school for them to be involved in an activity. There may be family circumstances which mean your child is off school.

How do I register my child for school in Scotland?

You can apply for a place at a state primary school online or by using your council’s application form. In Scotland, you don’t decide which school your child is given a place at. It’s your local council’s choice.

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How does school years work in Scotland?

Children in Scotland complete seven years of primary school, starting in P1 (the equivalent of Reception classes in England), going up to P7 (the equivalent of Year 7 in England). After this, they do six years of secondary school from S1 to S6 (equivalent to Y8 to Y13 in England).

What are grades called in Scotland?

Along with its more advanced sibling, the ‘Higher Grade ‘, the O- Grade was the bedrock of the Scottish educational system for many years. Its name refers to one of the two levels at which the Scottish Certificate of Education was awarded, the Higher Grade being the other.

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