What is on the same latitude as Scotland?

It’s clear that all the cities of Scotland are on the same latitude as Denmark and southern Sweden, whereas only the far north of Scotland is as far north as southern Norway.

Is Scotland the same latitude as Alaska?

The northernmost point of Scotland is further north than the southernmost part of Alaska. That’s more accurate.

Which cities are on the same latitude?

Miami is at the same latitude as Saudi Arabia. Honolulu at the same latitude as the Sahara desert. Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Houston are all at the same latitude as North Africa. Anchorage is further south than Reykjavik.

What cities are on the same latitude as Glasgow?

Cities at the same latitude as Glasgow

City Coordinates
Copenhagen, Denmark 55.67594, 12.56553
Kazan, Russia 55.78874, 49.12214
Chelyabinsk, Russia 55.15402, 61.42915
Novosibirsk, Russia 55.0415, 82.9346

Is Scotland further north than Moscow?

But Glasgow is a tiny bit further north than Moscow (55°45′N), which has an average January temperature roughly half of Glasgow’s, at 20.5 °F. As for the U.S., Glasgow lies hundreds of miles north of the lower 48 states. Seattle sits at 47°37′N.

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Is Edinburgh more north than Moscow?

Moscow shares roughly the same latitude as which two capital cities in Scandinavia and Western Europe? Answer: Copenhagen, Denmark, and Edinburgh, Scotland. All three cities are at 55 degrees north latitude.

Is Scotland further north than Canada?

The UK is entirely north of the lower USA and Scotland is roughly parallel to south east Alaska but despite its northern location thanks to the gulf stream Glasgow actually has slightly warmer January weather than much further south Vancouver, Canada does!

Is Minnesota farther north than Maine?

It may appear on the map that Maine is farther north than Minnesota. However, the Angle Inlet of northern Minnesota at 49 degrees 23 minutes north is north of the 49-degree boundary between the United States and Canada. This is well north of any point in Maine, no matter how the map looks.

Where is the 51st parallel?

The 51st parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 51 degrees north of the Earth’s equatorial plane. It crosses Europe, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America, and the Atlantic Ocean.

What cities sit on the equator?

Largest cities straddling the Equator

  • Quito, Ecuador: 2,671,191 (2011)
  • Kampala, Uganda: 1,659,600 (2012)
  • Pekanbaru, Indonesia: 1,093,416 (2014)
  • Padang, Indonesia: 1,024,906 (2014)
  • Libreville, Gabon: 797,003 (2012)
  • Pontianak, Indonesia: 573,751 (2014)
  • Kisumu, Kenya: 409,928 (2009)
  • Macapa, Brazil: 397,913 (2010)

What US city is the same latitude as Paris?

If you’re in New York, you’re actually about the same latitude (a measure of how far north or south you are from the Equator) as sunny Madrid. Washington is roughly on par with Lisbon, Portugal. France is positioned even farther north, with Paris at a higher latitude than Quebec or Maine.

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What cities are at 37 degrees latitude?

Landmarks on the 37th parallel include Santa Cruz, California; Gilroy, California; Madera, California; Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley; Colorado City, Arizona; the Four Corners at the intersection with the 32nd meridian west from Washington (the only place where four U.S. states meet at a point); Cairo, Illinois;

Why is Rome warmer than NYC?

If the air traveling to New York moves by land, it will be cooler than the air and currents that reach, for example, San Francisco. Thus, Rome is warmer than New York due to currents, geography and air movement patterns.

Is London further north than New York?

New York is 12° of latitude further south than London, for a start. It’s on about the same latitude as Madrid, and in high summer it feels like it.

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