Where was Kathie Lee Gifford movie filmed in Scotland?

The cast and crew stayed on location during the 6-week shoot at Drimsynie Holiday Park, with Kathie Lee staying at The Lodge on Loch Goil, which she was so taken with that she rewrote the ending to the film to include it during production.

Where can you watch Kathie Lee Gifford’s new movie THEN CAME YOU?

Then Came You | Netflix.

Where was came 2020 filmed?

So she scripted this Scottish rom-com for them to co-star in, and damned if she didn’t get “ Then Came You ” filmed on location in Inveraray, Ardkinglas House, Loch Fyne and Kilmorich Church, all in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. Gorgeous settings. They lined up Elizabeth Hurley and Phyllida Law as co-stars.

What is being filmed in Inveraray?

Love You To Death, starring Scottish former Late Late Show presenter Craig Ferguson and actress Kathie Lee Gifford, is being filmed at various locations including Lochgilphead town centre, Inveraray and Cairndow.

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Was Then Came You filmed in Scotland?

Filming on Then Came You took place in the Argyll and Bute region of Scotland, located to the north-west of Glasgow. Shooting began in June 2018 and lasted for much of that summer.

Where is Then Came You filmed in Scotland?

The Lodge on Loch Goil is one of the top filming locations in Scotland because we know what our clients want and we know how to deliver it professionally and within budget. The film was written by and starring Kathie Lee Gifford, a high profile American actress and TV personality.

WILL THEN CAME YOU be on Netflix?

Then Came You is currently streaming on Netflix.

Is Then Came You on Netflix or prime?

All release dates

Cinema Release Date Friday February 1, 2019
DVD Release date Friday February 1, 2019
Netflix DVD release date Friday February 1, 2019
Netflix streaming Available – stream Then Came You on Netflix now

How can I watch then come 2020?

Then Came You | Netflix.

Where is the house in Then Came You?

LOCATION DETAILS Ardkinglas House is a country house on the Ardkinglas Estate in Argyll, Scotland. The estate lies on the eastern shore of Loch Fyne, and the house is located close to the village of Cairndow.

Where is Awds Inn in Then Came You?

” Awd’s Inn,” better known as Ardkinglas House in Argyll, Scotland, is definitely old and falling apart, but dang, she’ll take your breath away.

Where in Scotland is Argyll?

Argyll & the Isles is located on the west coast of Scotland, covering an area of 2667 square miles over 23 inhabited islands and a part of the Scottish mainland. The region is well-known as Scotland’s adventure coast, due to the sheer number of adventure options on offer.

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