Which Scottish island is Tobermory on?

Tobermory is the main town on the island of Mull.

Why is Tobermory famous?

The community is known as the “fresh water SCUBA diving capital of the world” because of the numerous shipwrecks that lie in the surrounding waters, especially in Fathom Five National Marine Park. Tobermory and the surrounding area are popular vacation destinations.

What is Mull famous for?

The Isle of Mull has become well known by all who view the BBC programmes Springwatch and Coast. The presenter Gordon Buchanan is from Mull and still has family and a house here. Mull is also now very well known as the home of the CBeebies programme Balamory, based around the coloured houses of Tobermory.

Why are the houses in Tobermory painted?

The Mishnish Hotel first led the way to a brighter future for Tobermory when its owner, Bobby MacLeod, decided 45 years ago to paint the property bright pink and later yellow, prompting others to follow and decorate the neighbouring buildings in bold blues and reds.

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What was filmed in Tobermory?

Balamory was filmed mostly in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull, with the exception of scenes at Archie’s castle filmed in East Lothian, and other scenes such as the nursery and the Mainland City, which were filmed in Glasgow.

What does the Scottish word mull mean?

Mull is an Anglicization of the Gaelic Maol, a term for a rounded hill, summit, or mountain, bare of trees (it has also been used, in Gaelic, to refer to a forehead, or to a shaved head).

Is Tobermory worth visiting?

With the perfect location at the most northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula, the things to do and places to visit in Tobermory are endless. Tobermory and the entire Bruce Peninsula are worth a visit if you are a nature lover – it is such a unique place in Canada that it made it into our Canadian travel bucket list.

Why is the water so blue in Tobermory?

Blue -green algae blooms can turn the water into a bright green colour. Blue -green algae is a form of bacteria called cyanobacteria. A “bloom” is when blue -green algae reproduce. Blooms like warm temperatures and lots of sunlight.

Can you swim in Tobermory?

The closest public beach to Tobermory on the Lake Huron side can be found 10 kilometres south just off Dorcus Bay Road. If you prefer the comforts of a more urban beach setting with grocery stores, cafes and restaurants, and shops all at hand, head to Bluewater Park in Wiarton.

What do you call people from Mull?

2. People from Mull are known as Mullochs.

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Which is better Isle of Skye or Isle of Mull?

So Skye has some quite spectacular and unusual landscapes to offer. Mull, on the other hand, has a softer, less forbidding landscape. The east coast of Mull has areas of pleasant woodlands and sheltered inlets. The west coast is more rugged with cliffs and moorland.

Can you drive around Mull in a day?

It is about 2.5 hours drive (including the Ferry) from Fort William to Tobermory. That is 5 hours driving alone in one day, some of which is on sign track roads which can take a lot longer!

Where should I eat dinner in Tobermory?

Discover these great restaurants for yourself;

  • Bootlegger’s Restaurant & Pub.
  • Shipwreck Lee’s of Tobermory,
  • The Fish & Chip Place.
  • Crowsnest Pub Restaurant and Patio.
  • Leeside Restaurant & Patio Bar.
  • Tobermory Princess Hotel Dining Room.
  • Big Tub Harbour Resort.

Who owns the island of Mull?

Ulva sits on the west coast of Mull in the inner Hebrides, and has a population of only six, including its owner, Jamie Howard, who inherited the island from his mother.

What shops are in Tobermory?

  • Angus Stewart. Art Galleries.
  • Island Blue Gallery. Art Galleries.
  • The Picture Gallery. Art Galleries. 2020.
  • Isle of Mull Cheese. 260. Speciality & Gift Shops • Farms.
  • The Gallery.
  • Tobermory Chocolate. By Capecod235.
  • Island Blue Tobermory. By tafwys.
  • An Tobar Arts Centre. Art Galleries • Coffee Shops.
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