When was the Bluebells of Scotland written?

The Bluebells of Scotland is the usual modern name for a Scottish folk song (Roud # 13849). It was written by Dora Jordan, an English actress and writer, first published in 1801.

Why was Blue Bells of Scotland written?

One of these was entitled Oh, Where, Tell Me Where? It was written for the departure of the Marquis of Huntly, with his regiment, to Holland in 1799. (My research suggests he was a member of the Gordon Highlanders, but not what his connection to Mrs.

Who was the lead singer of the bluebells?

This week, we caught up with Ken McCluskey, the lead singer of 80s indie new wave band, The Bluebells to discuss the re-release of the 1984 Bluebells album Sisters, working alongside Elvis Costello and running the Electric Honey Record Label at Glasgow Kelvin College…

What are bluebells called in Scotland?

Campanula rotundifolia, the harebell, Scottish bluebell, or bluebell of Scotland, is a species of flowering plant in the bellflower family Campanulaceae. This herbaceous perennial is found throughout the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. In Scotland, it is often known simply as bluebell.

Why do bluebells grow in woods?

Often dominating the forest floor with a violet-blue carpet, affectionately called ‘ bluebell woods ”, bluebells flower and leaf early in Spring and do most of their growing before the woodland canopy closes over. They grow well in old, dense woodland because the thick foliage limits the growth of other competing flora.

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How many hits did the bluebells have?

They had three Top 40 hits in the UK Singles Chart, all written by guitarist and founder member Bobby Bluebell (real name Robert Hodgens) – “I’m Falling”, “Cath”, and their biggest success “Young at Heart”.

Are Scottish bluebells protected?

Threats and conservation The bluebell is protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981). This means digging up the plant or bulb in the countryside is prohibited and landowners are prohibited from removing bluebells from their land to sell.

What are pink bluebells called?

Providing masses of colour and flowering with true elegance every spring, Hyacinthoides hispanica ‘Queen of Pinks’ really is bluebell royalty. If you have a large space to fill, this vigorous pink Spanish Bluebell (possibly more aptly named ‘Pinkbell’) is a great naturaliser and will be just the ticket.

Is there a Scottish Bluebell?

Scottish Bluebell (Campanula rotundifolia) The beautiful Scottish Bluebell, also known as the Harebell, is a delicate blue-flowered perennial of open grassland.

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