How do I find my SQA qualifications online?

MySQA is your direct link with SQA. It lets you view your qualification information, check the personal details we hold for you and if you’re sitting exams you can get your results sent by email and text message.

How do I get a copy of my qualifications Scotland?

Candidates can order replacement certificates from

How can I check my qualifications UK?

Step 1: Visit our office with your original education qualification certificate and ID. Step 2: Complete the verification request form and submit a consent letter. We will then email a copy of the consent letter along with the a copy of your document to the awarding UK institution for confirmation.

What do I do if I lost my qualification certificate?

You need to state which exams you took, the exam board that issued the original certificate, and the year you took the exams. If you have no idea where to start, you could: contact your school where you took the exams, tell them the year you left school, and what subjects you took.

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How do I find my candidate number?

Your candidate number appears on your individual examination timetable. Your candidate number can also be found on the Academic and Assessment Information page of Student Self Service.

How do I find my SQA candidate number?

The following message is from the FAQ section of the SQA website: Your Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) is displayed directly under your name on your certificate. If you do not have your certificate you should complete the Candidate Enquiry Form, this will allow us to locate your records and provide you with your SCN.

Do universities check your certificates?

Universities are only likely to check your certificates as extra proof if there is doubt about the accuracy of the grades that you have provided on your application.

What are my qualifications?

Qualifications include the education, experience, skills and personal qualities you bring to the table. Examples of qualifications include: college degree, license, excellent communication skills, ability to life 50 pounds, attention to detail, commitment to diversity, dependability and a positive attitude.

Do companies check qualifications?

One in three employers admit they never bother to check candidates’ degree qualifications, according to a survey out today. A poll of more than 100 graduate recruiters revealed that a third take CVs at face value and do not request a copy of their degree certificates.

Do the NHS check qualifications?

Currently, all NHS organisations are required to comply with the six Employment Check Standards published by NHS Employers in 2008. right to work checks. registration and qualification checks. employment history and reference checks.

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How can I verify my certificate online?


  1. Select your Institute. & upload certificate.
  2. Make payment & request verification.
  3. Receive your e-verified. certificate.

Can you check City and Guilds qualifications?

You can verify a potential employee’s certification by submitting the unique 20 digit code on our verify page. This service will provide employers with trust in the authenticity of City & Guilds learner’s achievements.

Can I get a copy of my NVQ certificate?

If you or any of your staff have managed to lose, or misplace your CACHE NVQ certificates, don’t panic. You just need to complete the downloadable form from the CACHE website and send it off with the appropriate payment, and they will send you a duplicate certificate.

Do I need my GCSE certificates?

University entry requirements usually dictate that you have your original certificate to show as proof of your GCSE results, since GCSEs are important to them, and also because this is the only way for them to know how likely you are to do in further education, it’s a big deal!

How long do exam boards keep records?

Schools receive GCSE results on results day in August – and the certificates from exam boards about 2-3 months after that – and they are required to retain them for at least 12 months.

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