How many Latinos are in Scotland?

Demographics and population The 2011 census recorded 8,869 Mexican-born residents in England, 196 in Wales, 620 in Scotland and 86 in Northern Ireland.

What percentage of Scots are white?

Ethnicity. In 2011, 84% of Scotland’s population reported their ethnicity as ‘ White: Scottish ‘ and a further 8% as ‘ White: Other British’.

How ethnically diverse is Scotland?

Scotland: ethnic breakdown 2018. This statistic shows the distribution of non-white ethnic backgrounds in Scotland in 2018. 96 percent of the population identified as white. The next highest ethnic group was Asians with 2.6 percent.

What percentage of Scottish population is ethnic minority?

The largest ethnic group in Scotland is the white community, estimated to be around 96.08 per cent of the population. The other substantial ethnic groups include: Asian (2.86 per cent ), African (0.56 per cent ), Mixed races (0.38 per cent ) Caribbean or Black (0.12 per cent ) of the population.

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How white is England?

White British is an ethnicity classification used in the 2011 United Kingdom Census. In the 2011 census, the White British population was 51,736,290, 81.88% of the UK total population (NB: This total includes the population estimate for Northern Ireland, where only the term ‘ White ‘ is used in ethnic classification.

Is Scotland multicultural?

Overall then, to the (somewhat limited) degree that Scotland may be understood as multicultural, this feature of its social and political life is distinct in some respects from other parts of the UK.

What is the most common religion in Scotland?

Census statistics

  • Church of Scotland (32.4%)
  • Catholic Church (15.9%)
  • Other Christian (5.5%)
  • Not religious (36.7%)
  • Islam (1.4%)
  • Other religions (1.2%)
  • Not stated (7.0%)

What percentage of Scotland is Catholic?

In the 2011 census, 16% of the population of Scotland described themselves as being Catholic, compared with 32% affiliated with the Church of Scotland.

What is the whitest borough in London?

Bromley has the highest White British population as well as highest total White, while Newham has the lowest for both. London.

Rank 1
London Borough Bromley
White British Population 239,478
White Irish Population 4,463
White Gypsy or Irish Traveller Population 580


What is black population of Scotland?

According to the last census, African, Caribbean or Black groups made up 1% (about 36,000) of the population of Scotland, an increase of 28,000 people since 2001. Mixed or multiple ethnic groups represented 0.4% (20,000) and other ethnic groups 0.3% (14,000) of the total population.

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What percent of England is black?

Varied ethnic backgrounds Black British citizens, with African and/or African-Caribbean ancestry, are the largest ethnic minority population, at three percent of the total population. Indian Britons are one of the largest overseas communities of the Indian diaspora and make up 2.3 percent of the total UK population.

What language is spoken in Scotland?

Scottish Gaelic English / Scotland’s main language by custom and usage is English, with Gaelic, Scots, British Sign Language and minority languages making up the country’s other main language groups. The 2011 Scottish Census found that more than 150 languages other than English are used in Scottish homes.

What is the percentage of Bame people in Scotland?

The target of the Scottish Government is to increase in diversity to reflect the general Scottish Population by 2025 which for ME is 5%. At September 2020, of Scottish Government core employees who have shared their ethnicity data with us, 2.9% identified as black, Asian and minority ethnic.

What percent of Ireland is white?

The largest group in 2016 was “ White Irish ” with 3,854,226 (82.2%) usual residents. This was followed by “Any other White background” (9.5%), non-Chinese Asian (1.7%) and “Other incl.

What percentage of Scotland are immigrants?

Today, there are an estimated 219,000 EU citizens living in Scotland, alongside an estimated 135,000 other international migrants. These 355,000 non-British nationals living in Scotland represent 7% of Scotland’s population. The majority of migrants in Scotland come here to work, to join family, or to study.

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