Where do you fly into for St Andrews Scotland?

Most international visitors arrive at Glasgow Airport, which is around 90 miles from St Andrews, while Glasgow Prestwick is slightly further from the city. Both airports offer a number of bus routes into Glasgow, which connect with onward transport options to St Andrews.

How far is St Andrews from Edinburgh airport?

The distance between Edinburgh Airport ( EDI ) and Saint Andrews is 35 miles. The road distance is 50.5 miles.

How far is it from St Andrews to Edinburgh?

The distance between Edinburgh and Saint Andrews is 31 miles. The road distance is 52 miles.

How far is St Andrews to Glasgow?

The distance from Glasgow to St. Andrews is 65 miles. The road distance is 73 miles.

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What is St Andrews acceptance rate?

The University of St. Andrews is the oldest university located in Scotland, the UK. It was established back in the year 1413. The university has an acceptance rate of 8.35%.

Is there a train from Edinburgh to St Andrews?

The train time to St. Andrews from Edinburgh is on average 55 min for the 30 miles (49 km) long journey, but the time it takes to go to St. Andrews from Edinburgh by train can vary depending on specific dates or traveling on weekends and holidays.

How much is taxi from Leuchars to St Andrews?

Pricing examples for a taxi from the train station to St Andrews:

Taxi fare guide from Leuchars Train Station to St Andrews: Day Night
The Castle Course £20 £25
The Albany Hotel £15 £19
Montague Guest House St Andrews £15 £19
Hotel Du Vin St Andrews £15 £19

Is there Uber in St Andrews?

We recognise the convenience of an app and the service that Uber and Lyft offers. Taxis are heavily regulated by Fife council in terms of their size, seating capacity and design and frequently checked road safety. Drivers have a background check and good knowledge of the local area…

How do I get from Edinburgh Airport to St Andrews?

From Edinburgh airport, take the Airlink (Service 100) bus which departs from directly outside domestic arrivals. You can buy tickets at the Airlink kiosk, on board the bus, or in advance at the Lothian Buses website. Your journey will take around 30 minutes to Waverly Bridge in the city centre.

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How much is a taxi from Edinburgh to St Andrews?

Re: Edinburgh to St. Andrews by Taxi? Around 80 to 90 pounds each way.

How much is the bus from Edinburgh to St Andrews?

Edinburgh to St Andrews by bus Tickets cost on average 14 USD. Also, a bus ticket costs minimum 11 USD. During your bus trip you will have 52 stopovers. Stagecoach East Scotland buses depart to St.

Is it worth visiting St Andrews?

Packed with history, tradition and scenic views – St Andrews is a real Scottish gem. This small city is set on the coast of Fife to the northeast of Edinburgh. It’s only an hour away from Edinburgh so you could easily take a day trip, but it’s worth taking your time.

How long does it take to drive from Glasgow to St Andrews?

Yes, the driving distance between Glasgow to Saint Andrews is 74 miles. It takes approximately 1h 27m to drive from Glasgow to Saint Andrews.

How long Glasgow to St Andrews?

Glasgow to St. Andrews Train Information

Avg. Train Duration 2 hours 51 minutes
Trains depart from: Glasgow
Trains arrive in: St. Andrews
Distance: 105 km
Train Companies: London North Eastern Railway, Scotrail

How do I get from Glasgow to St Andrews?

Andrews to Glasgow is approximately 74 miles with the journey taking between 2 hours and 30 minutes and 3 hours by bus. Buses from St. Andrews to Glasgow depart from the main bus station in the centre of St. Andrews and arrive at Buchanan bus station in Glasgow.

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