What is a fruit cage?

A fruit cage is a rigid structure that’s shrouded in bird proof netting. But they can be about more than just protecting your fruit. Some designers produce fabulous wooden cages for projects, including bespoke oak versions with stunning peak roofs with carved pineapple finials and decorative lead flashing.

What do you put in a fruit cage?

Fruit bushes including strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, white currants, blackberries, blueberries, gooseberries and dwarf cherries.

Do you need a fruit cage?

1. A fruit cage can protect fruit and vegetables in your kitchen garden from birds, butterflies, aphids, deer, badgers or foxes allowing you to harvest more of the crops you grow.

Where do you put a fruit cage?

Where to put a fruit cage. Choose a bright, frost-free position and remove the roof in winter, or it could collapse under snow. The most important thing is choosing a sheltered, warm, frost-free position in good light so that the fruit doesn’t get frosted at the flowering stage.

Do raspberries need a fruit cage?

It also means that summer-fruiting raspberries need an infrastructure that will provide constant support – thick wire strung between solid posts is the most common and effective method, but there is no reason why a trellis or fence will not do the job – whereas autumn-fruiting ones only need temporary bolstering,

What is the best netting for fruit cages?

We would recommend you to use the 18mm x 18mm whole size netting, as it’s more sturdier and predators won’t be able to get through.

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