How long does it take to get to Iona from Glasgow?

Crossing time is 50 minutes on the main “Isle of Mull” ferry or 55 minutes on the smaller ferry, the “Coruisk”. Vehicle booking is recommended. A train service runs from Glasgow (Queen Street station) to Oban. The train journey takes about 3 hours 20 mins.

How far is Iona from Glasgow?

The distance between Glasgow and Isle of Iona is 90 miles. 5

Is there a ferry from Oban to Iona?

There is no direct connection from Oban to Isle of Iona. However, you can take the ferry to Craignure Mull Ferry Terminal, take the walk to Craignure, Ferry Terminal, take the bus to Fionnphort, Post Office, take the walk to Fionnphort Mull Ferry Terminal, then take the ferry to Iona Ferry Terminal. 5

Where do you get ferry to Iona?

Getting to Iona By Ferry The ferry point for Iona is at Fionnphort on the Isle of Mull and is a 4 minute ride across the Sound of Iona. Foot passengers only unless you are a resident on Iona or have a permit to take your car across.

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How much is the ferry to Isle of Mull?

A standard car with two adult passengers currently costs £25.70 for a return journey. If travelling via the Corran ferry, add that return fare of £17.60 to total £43.30. See the current service status for this Lochaline to Fishnish crossing.

Can I drive on Iona?

Most vehicles are not allowed on Iona – if you need to take your car, you will need to apply for a Permit New window Opens in new window. Don’t worry, though – Iona is less than a mile across, so getting around is easy.

Is Iona worth visiting?

North End Iona is well worth seeing – it’s about a 15 walk beyond the Abbey -a beach area which is one of Scotland’s most beautiful places IMO. Much nicer than the ‘Bay at the Back of the Ocean’ which seems to get all the coverage.

How long does it take to walk around Iona?

Time: Up to five hours, including stops.

How do you get around Iona?

Iona is a small island and it’s easy to get around on foot. The Abbey, for example, is only 10 minutes’ walk from the pier. Bikes can be hired on the island, and there is a local taxi available to help the weary or heavily laden.

How much is the ferry from Fionnphort to Iona?

Caledonian MacBrayne operates a ferry from Fionnphort Mull Ferry Terminal to Iona Ferry Terminal hourly. Tickets cost £2 – £3 and the journey takes 10 min.

What is Iona famous for?

Iona is a holy isle and has been described as the birthplace of Christianity in Scotland. St Columba and 12 companions came here from Ireland in AD 563. The monastery they founded was one of the most important and influential in the British Isles.

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Do you need a car on Mull?

You ‘re best to take a car onto the island if you want to be able to reach all the places you ‘re interested in. There are also a number of ferries from Mull to its surrounding islands: The ferry from Fionnphort ( Mull ) to Baile Mor (Iona) takes around 10 minutes and is foot passenger only.

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