What can you do with croft land?

Traditionally, croft land is used to raise animals and grow vegetables. Now, some crofters use the land for other means, such as tourism, forestry or renewable energy.

Can you build a house on croft land?

Crofting legislation entitles a crofter to build a croft house on the croft, subject to planning consent. In almost every case the croft house must be provided by the crofter themselves.

Can I buy a croft in Scotland?

If you’re a tenant of a croft, you can buy it. This means you become the landlord of the croft rather than a crofter. You must rent it to another crofter or live there yourself. If you want to buy your croft you’ll need a solicitor.

Can I sell part of my Croft?

I am an owner occupier crofter and I want to sell part of my croft. Is this possible? An owner-occupier croft may not transfer or sell any part of their croft without first dividing it into the part which they propose to transfer and the part which they propose to keep.

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What is a Croft apportionment?

Apportionment is the term used when someone who shares in a common grazing wants to take part of the common grazing for their own exclusive use.

Can you get a mortgage on a croft?

In order to acquire a croft, whether or not it is a tenancy or owner-occupied, the purchaser has to come up with 100% of the funds. There are no mortgages available to buy the land.

What does Croft mean?

1 chiefly British: a small enclosed field usually adjoining a house. 2 chiefly British: a small farm worked by a tenant.

Is it easy to Decroft land?

Decrofting agricultural land is much more difficult, as the applicant requires to show that there is no demand for croft land in the area. It is therefore quite common to have crofts where the croft house and garden is decrofted, but the agricultural land going with it remains crofted.

What does not Decrofted mean?

Decrofting is the term used when land is removed from crofting tenure. The Landlord of a tenanted croft who wishes to remove land from crofting tenure must make an application to the Scottish Land Court. This is called resumption and has the same effect as decrofting.

Where is the cheapest property in Scotland?

Scotland’s top five affordable areas

  • Kilbirnie, North Ayrshire.
  • Cumnock, East Ayrshire.
  • Stevenston, North Ayrshire.
  • Irvine, North Ayrshire.
  • Girvan, South Ayrshire.

Can I claim land in Scotland?

There is a general rule in Scottish Law that two owners cannot hold full rights of ownership to the same piece of land, at the same time. Whilst there may be times when this rule is broken deliberately, it is more likely that, if a conflict of this nature arises, it is accidental.

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How much does an acre of land cost in Scotland?

The average value of Scottish farmland stagnated during 2018, according to the latest results of the Knight Frank Scottish Farmland Index. Across the board, prices remain at £4,271/ acre.

What is owner occupied croft land?

The purchase of an owner – occupied croft is more straightforward than the assignation of a tenanted croft and in effect you are purchasing a large area of land with or without a dwelling house thereon which is however subject to crofting tenure.

What is a Crofted property?

A croft is a fenced or enclosed area of land, usually small and arable, and usually, but not always, with a crofter’s dwelling thereon. A crofter is one who has tenure and use of the land, typically as a tenant farmer, especially in rural areas.

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