How far is newtonmore from Inverness?

The distance between Newtonmore and Inverness is 29 miles.

How do I get from Inverness to Aviemore?

Inverness to Aviemore train services, operated by First ScotRail Service, depart from Inverness station. Train or bus from Inverness to Aviemore? The best way to get from Inverness to Aviemore is to train which takes 35 min and costs £4 – £70. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs £6 – £11 and takes 45 min.

How long does it take from Aviemore to Inverness?

The average journey time from Aviemore to Inverness is 40 minutes.

How far is it from Kingussie to Newtonmore?

The distance between Kingussie and Newtonmore is 3 miles.

Where in Scotland is newtonmore?

Newtonmore is a lovely village nestling in the upper reached of the Spey valley within the Cairngorms National Park. This village is particularly popular with anglers and grouse hunters, and lies just 12 miles south of Aviemore.

How far is Aviemore from Inverness?

The distance between Aviemore and Inverness is 25 miles. 5

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Can I travel from Inverness to Aviemore?

Yes, it is possible to travel from Inverness to Aviemore without having to change trains. There are 13 direct trains from Inverness to Aviemore each day.

How much is a taxi from Inverness Airport to Aviemore?

The fastest way to get from Inverness Airport (INV) to Aviemore is to taxi. Taking this option will cost £75 – £90 and takes 40 min.

How far is carrbridge from Inverness?

Inverness to Carrbridge by train

Distance 20 miles (33 km)
Departure station Inverness
Arrival station Carrbridge

How long is the train from Aviemore to Inverness?

The train distance from Aviemore to Inverness is around 24 miles (39 km). How long does it take from Aviemore to Inverness by train? The Aviemore to Inverness train duration is on average 38 min, which is to be expected when travelling 24 miles (39 km) from Aviemore to Inverness.

How much is the train from Inverness to Aberdeen?

How much is a train ticket from Inverness to Aberdeen? Trains from Inverness to Aberdeen start at £17.40 one-way when you book in advance.

Where in Scotland is Aviemore?

3,240 (mid-2016 est.) listen); Scottish Gaelic: An Aghaidh Mhòr pronounced [ən̪ˠ ˈɤː. ɪ ˈvoːɾ]) is a town and tourist resort, situated within the Cairngorms National Park in the Highlands of Scotland.

Where in Scotland is Kingussie?

Kingussie. Kingussie is the capital of Badenoch in the Highlands. It’s a lovely lively town beside the River Spey in the midst of the beautiful Cairngorms National Park.

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