How far is Tranent from Edinburgh?

The distance between Edinburgh and Tranent is 9 miles.

Where in Scotland is tranent?

Tranent /trəˈnɛnt/ is a town in East Lothian (formerly Haddingtonshire), in the south-east of Scotland. It lies beside the A1 road,the A1 runs through the parish splitting the parish from its associated villages and hamlets namely Meadowmill and the port of the parish Cockenzie.

Is tranent a good place to live?

” Tranent is a fantastic place to live. Since I moved there in 2011 the area has been improved greatly by the addition of shops like Asda and Aldi. East Lothian is a beautiful part of Scotland and it’s all within easy reach from Tranent. Tranent also has great community spirit and there’s always something fun going on.”

Where is tranet?

One of the most ancient towns in East Lothian, Tranent lies 10 miles east of Edinburgh and 7 miles from Haddington.

Where is East Linton Scotland?

East Linton is a small country town between Haddington and Dunbar in East Lothian. The agricultural town of East Linton lies on the River Tyne, 22 miles east of Edinburgh. Its 16th century bridge over the Tyne gorge helped its growth until the arrival of the A1.

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How old is tranent?

As a result, Tranent is usually regarded as the oldest mining community in Scotland. From 1722 much of Tranent’s coal was carried for export from Cockenzie harbour three miles to the north by the Tranent Wagonway, the first wagonway in Scotland.

Is tranent rough?

Its not bad. The main street can still seem quite rough but its ok. The new houses have helped and there’s a nice Italian at the traffic lights. There’s going to be a lot more building going on in the area so thinkgs will hopefully continue to improve.

What is Haddington like to live in?

Haddington is a really nice town. The coast in one direction, the Lammermuirs in the other. Some lovely historic buildings. Expanding rapidly, though, and no rail link.

What is Prestonpans like to live in?

Prestonpans or as locals say ‘the Paaans’ has got to be the most miserable lot in east Lothian. The people here are half baked, miserable, bitter, and as sour faced as Andrew Lloyd Webber licking on a nettle. The gossip mongering is off the scale -men and women and nobody has a life.

What does tranent mean?

Tranent is a town in East Lothian (formerly Haddingtonshire), in the south-east of Scotland. Tranent was formally a major mining town, but now serves as a commuter town for Edinburgh. Tranent is located within the Edinburgh City Region.

What is lie forrit?

The name Tranent derives from its ancient form ‘Trevernant’ (‘tref ‘ – a homestead or village, and ‘nant’ – a valley), meaning ‘the village in the valley’, and refers to its natural situation. The town’s motto is ‘ Lie Forrit ‘ which means ”.

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What is the population of Musselburgh?

Musselburgh (/ˈmʌsəlbərə/; Scots: Musselburrae; Scottish Gaelic: Baile nam Feusgan) is the largest settlement in East Lothian, Scotland, on the coast of the Firth of Forth, 5 miles (8 km) east of Edinburgh city centre. It has a population of 20,840.

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