Who accompanies Victor on his travels to England and Scotland?

His best friend Henry Clerval accompanies Victor on his journey. The two arrive in London during the late days of December.

Who accompanies Victor to England how does Victor feel about this?

Henry is Victor’s best friend who looks after him when he is ill and accompanies him to England. Henry’s purpose in the novel is to show what Victor could have been had he not been influenced by ambition and the desire for discovery – in that sense he is Victor’s opposite.

Who are Victor Frankenstein’s closest companions?

Frankenstein Characters Justine Moritz Justine Moritz, a family servant tried and condemned for William’s murder. Henry Clerval Victor’s closest friend and companion, who balances his emotional and rational pursuits. He studies Oriental languages but passionately loves nature and life.

Why does Victor go to Scotland?

Why does Victor agree to go to Scotland? Although he “abhorred society” and doesn’t want to visit any new friends, Victor is anxious to see mountains and streams again, and to be in a natural setting.

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Why does Victor marry Elizabeth?

Victor does not love another, but he cannot forget the monster’s threat that he would be with Victor on his wedding night. He thinks this is a threat to his life, and he considers his options. And if Victor wins, the monster will be gone. He sees it as a win-win situation, so he resolves to marry Elizabeth immediately.

Why does Victor say he is a blasted tree?

Victor reflects that he was “formed for peaceful happiness,” having spent his youth in the enjoyment of nature and the contemplation of human accomplishment. Now, he feels himself to be a ” blasted tree,” an example of wrecked and forsaken humanity.

How does Victor die?

Victor dies from pneumonia, which he contracts as he travels across the icy wastes of the Arctic to escape his hideous creation. In a sense, then, one could say that the Monster has inadvertently caused Frankenstein’s death. But ultimate responsibility for Frankenstein’s fate lies with the man himself.

Where does victor go in Scotland?

Victor travels to the Orkneys, remote islands off the northern coast of Scotland. This is where he will complete the work of making the female monster. The tiny island he goes to has only five residents and a handful of scrawny cows.

Does Victor create a female monster?

And, according to their research, the answer is yes. That scenario may have come to pass in the fictional world of Mary Shelley’s novel ” Frankenstein ” had the monster’s creator, Victor Frankenstein, kept a promise to his creation to build him a female companion. But fortunately for humans, say Dr.

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Does the creature kill Victor?

Hover for more information. At the end of Frankenstein, Victor and the monster both come to death. Victor dies on Captain Walton’s ship while running from the monster.

Did Victor Frankenstein marry sister?

Frankenstein falls in love with Elizabeth Lavenza, who became his adoptive sister ( his blood cousin in the 1818 edition) and, eventually, his fiancée.

Why did Victor stop working on his second creature?

Victor abandoned him. Why, when they meet to talk, does the creature not kill Victor? He was wrong to abandon the creature and realizes he should have tried to give him happiness.

What happens on Victor’s wedding night?

What happens on Victor and Elizabeth’s wedding night? The monster attacks and kills Elizabeth. The monster attacks and kills Victor. The monster never shows up for his revenge.

Where did victor go when it started to rain?

Answer. MontanvertOne rainy day, Victor wakes to find his old feelings of despair resurfacing. He decides to travel to the summit of Montanvert, hoping that the view of a pure, eternal, beautiful natural scene will revive his spirits.

Why does Victor make a woman a creature?

Frankenstein decides that he has a moral duty to destroy the female companion he is making for the Monster. He concludes that it would be selfish for him to create a companion for the Monster in order to save his own life.

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