What is there to do in the Shetland Islands?

The Best Things To Do In Shetland

  • Jarlshof Prehistoric and Norse Settlement. Archaeological site, Ruins.
  • Shetland Museum & Archives. Museum.
  • Broch of Mousa.
  • The Croft House Museum.
  • Unst Boat Haven.
  • Noss National Nature Reserve.
  • Sumburgh Head Lighthouse, Visitor Centre and Nature Reserve.
  • Old Scatness.

What is the best time of year to visit the Shetland Islands?

The best time to visit the Shetlands is the summer, from June to August, since it is the mildest season. However, there are often cloudy skies, wind, rain and a bit of cold at night.

How long is the ferry from Scotland to Shetland?

The ferry is the most leisurely way to get to Shetland and the anticipation of going to sleep in one place and waking up in another is all part of the adventure. Relax on the 12-13 hour journey in the comfort of a cabin, sleeping pod or reclining chair and make use of facilities, like the restaurant, bar and cinema.

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Is Shetland open to tourists?

Plan your trip | Shetland.org. COVID-19 update: Travel is now permitted to and from Shetland.

Why are there no trees on Shetland?

There are numerous shelter belts around the islands and many gardens have a good selection of trees and shrubs. The real reasons for the lack of trees are to do with clearance for firewood and the presence of sheep, which have prevented natural regeneration.

What language is spoken in the Shetland Islands?

Shetland dialect (also variously known as Shetlandic, (broad or auld) Shetland or Shaetlan, and referred to as Modern Shetlandic Scots (MSS) by some linguists) is a dialect of Insular Scots spoken in Shetland, an archipelago to the north of mainland Scotland.

Can you see Northern Lights in Shetland?

As Shetland lies closer to the North Pole than any other part of Britain, it’s the best place to see the Northern Lights. Even if the aurora is present, thick cloud may stop you seeing it.

Do you get midges in the Shetland Islands?

Yeovilman – no, midges are not a big problem here, but its not unknown for a few ‘bitey things’ to be around, especially on a still day – yes, we do get still days!

Can you fly direct to Shetland?

Flights operated by the Scottish airline, Loganair. Flights to Shetland.

Airport Duration Number of flights
Edinburgh 1 hour 30 minutes Up to 3 flights per day
Glasgow 1 hour 30 minutes Up to 2 flights per day
Inverness 1 hour 45 minutes Up to 2 flights per day; stops briefly in Orkney
Kirkwall 40 minutes Up to 2 flights per day
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Is Shetland closer to Scotland or Norway?

Shetland is around 170 km (106 mi) north of mainland Scotland and 350 km (217 mi) west of Bergen, Norway.

Which is better Orkney or Shetland?

If you want remoteness, wild scenery(moors) and sea cliffs then go to the Shetlands. The Orkneys are more cultivated, more variety and better infrastructure for getting around.

Do you need a car on Shetland?

Getting around in the islands is easy too. Take your own transport and explore about 640 miles of good roads at your leisure, or, if you need to hire a vehicle, good car rental facilities (and cycle hire) are available. The smaller outer isles are also served by an 8-seat Islander plane from Tingwall airport.

Does Shetland want independence?

Early in 2013, an opinion poll commissioned by the Press and Journal found only 8% of people in Shetland and Orkney supported the islands themselves becoming fully independent countries and completely separating from Scotland, with 82% against.

Is Shetland a good place to live?

They may be 100 miles from the mainland, with biting cold winds, no trees and barely three hours of daylight in the depths of winter, but the Shetland Islands are the best place in Scotland to live, a quality of life survey claimed yesterday.

How far is Shetland from Glasgow?

The distance between Glasgow and Shetland Islands is 328 miles.

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