Where is Livingston Scotland?

Livingston, “new town,” West Lothian council area, southeastern Scotland, on the Glasgow-Edinburgh motorway (superhighway). Livingston lies mainly within the historic county of West Lothian, but the part of the town south of the River Almond belongs to the historic county of Midlothian.

How far is Edinburgh from Livingston?

The distance between Edinburgh and Livingston is around 13 miles (21 km).

Is Livingston Scotland a nice place to live?

Livingston is a decent place to live! House prices are okay, schools are good, there is good greenery around. I feel that the Designer Outlet and Shopping Centre are the only main “hubs” around here. That’s where the majority of decent stuff is.

What is Livingston known for?

Livingston is the 8th largest settlement and the 3rd largest town in Scotland. It is also the 171st largest settlement in the United Kingdom. It lies 30 miles away from Glasgow and 15 miles from Edinburgh.

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How far is Livingston from Glasgow?

The distance between Glasgow and Livingston is 29 miles. The road distance is 33.4 miles. 5

Where is Motherwell in Scotland?

Motherwell (Scots: Mitherwall, Scottish Gaelic: Tobar na Màthar) is a large town and former burgh in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom, south east of Glasgow. It has a population of around 32,120.

How much is the train from Livingston to Edinburgh?

Trains from Livingston North to Edinburgh (Waverley) start at £2.95 one-way based on a return fare.

How much is the bus fare from Edinburgh to Livingston?

Tickets cost £3 – £9 and the journey takes 27 min. Alternatively, Lothian Country Buses operates a bus from Edinburgh, Princes Street to Livingston, Bus Terminal every 30 minutes. Tickets cost £2 and the journey takes 57 min.

What shops are in Livingston?


  • Tartan House of Scotland.
  • The Celtic Store.
  • The Centre, Livingston Mobility Service.
  • The Entertainer.
  • The Fragrance Shop.
  • The Living Memory Association.
  • The Perfume Shop.
  • Thistle Gem.

Is Livingston Scotland safe?

1. Re: Is Livingston safe? It’s as safe as Edinburgh in that you need to keep your street-smarts switched on, and there are areas you might want to avoid alone at night, as in any town. Thousands of people live there with no issues about safety.

Is Livingston a safe place to live?

The city is a small and safe place with a diverse population. It is growing and although there isn’t much to do inside Livingston, there are near by towns with a variety of shopping centers, activities, nightlife, etc. Livingston is a hidden treasure.

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Is Mid Calder a nice area?

MidCalder is quite nice. Both have quite nice walking round about and good transport. Kirknewton is nicer but has fewer amenities.

Is Livingston Irish or Scottish?

Livingston is a surname with several different origins. The name itself originates in Scotland as a habitational name derived from Livingston in Lothian which was originally named in Middle English Levingston. Livingston can also be an Americanized form of Lowenstein, a Jewish surname.

Is Livingston a common last name?

The Livingston family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. The most Livingston families were found in the USA in 1880. In 1840 there were 137 Livingston families living in New York. This was about 31% of all the recorded Livingston’s in the USA.

Why didn’t Robert Livingston sign the Declaration of Independence?

Jefferson was a member of a five-person committee appointed by the Continental Congress to write the Declaration. Robert Livingston, one of the members of the committee who wrote the Declaration of Independence, never signed it. He believed that it was too soon to declare independence and therefore refused to sign.

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