What county is saltcoats in?


Saltcoats Scottish Gaelic: Baile an t-Salachar. Saltcoats
• Edinburgh 77.6 mi (124.9 km)
Council area North Ayrshire
Lieutenancy area Ayrshire and Arran
Country Scotland


When was saltcoats built?

It was built in 1809 and was used as the Harbour Masters house. The Harbour Master was in charge of the harbour and would take fees from the boats who used the harbour. In 1794, 37 ships were registered at Saltcoats Harbour.

How old is saltcoats?

Saltcoats owes its name and its existence to the discovery here of easily worked coal deposits in the 1200s, when the monks of Kilwinning Abbey operated mines here.

How far is saltcoats from Glasgow?

The distance between Saltcoats and Glasgow is 26 miles.

What shops are in Saltcoats?

Shops in Saltcoats

  • The Kandy Bar. 2 Hamilton Street, Saltcoats, North Ayrshire, KA21 5DS 0.1 miles.
  • ANCHO CLP Hub. 42A Hunter Drive, Irvine, North Ayrshire, KA12 9AT 4.6 miles.
  • The Rivergate Shopping Centre. 5 Fullarton Street, Irvine, North Ayrshire, KA12 8EJ 4.9 miles.
  • Wee Deli.
  • Brownings the Bakers.

Which council is Largs?

North Ayrshire Council is a hung Council. North Ayrshire.

North Ayrshire Scottish Gaelic: Sìorrachd Àir a Tuath
Lieutenancy area Ayrshire and Arran
Admin HQ Cunningham House, Irvine
• Body North Ayrshire Council
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Is North Ayrshire deprived?

The revised SIMD shows that North Ayrshire is ranked as the fifth most deprived Council area in Scotland – the same rank it was given in the last SIMD report in 2016. The plan focuses on making North Ayrshire a fairer and more equal society for local residents and communities.

What is the population of Stevenston?


Stevenston Scottish Gaelic: Baile Steaphain Scots: Stinston
Population 9,230 (mid-2016 est.)
OS grid reference NS265425
Council area North Ayrshire
Lieutenancy area Ayrshire and Arran


Is Ardrossan a nice place to live?

It is a fantastic place. I often tell people that Ardrossan is the only place I know with three train stations, two beaches, a marina, a ferry terminal and beautiful views and great people. ‘

Where is girven?

Girvan (Scottish Gaelic: Inbhir Gharbhain, “mouth of the River Girvan “) is a burgh in Carrick, South Ayrshire, Scotland. Girvan is situated on the east coast of the Firth of Clyde, with a population of about 6,450.

Where in Scotland is Irvine?

Irvine is an industrial town in North Ayrshire on the west coast of Scotland. Located 26 miles south of Glasgow, Irvine was made a Royal Burgh in 1372 by Robert II, and is now a busy town with important historical and maritime connections.

What is the population of Ardrossan?

Ardrossan (/ɑːrˈdrɒsən/; from Scottish Gaelic Àird Rosain ‘headland of the small promontory’) is a town on the North Ayrshire coast in southwestern Scotland. The town has a population of roughly 11,000 and forms part of a conurbation with Saltcoats and Stevenston known as the ‘Three Towns’.

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