Who has played football for Scotland and cricket for England?

Dougie Brown is an all-rounder who represented both England and Scotland at One Day International level. As a youngster Brown attended Alloa Academy, represented Clackmannan County cricket club and played football at under-18 level for Scotland.

Who played both football and cricket?

Cricket legend Viv Richards is the only man to play in cricket and football World Cups. Richards, who was born on March 7, 1952, won the first two editions of the Cricket World Cup with West Indies and was part of Antigua’s squad in the 1974 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

Who has played both cricket and football for England?

Denis Charles Scott Compton CBE (23 May 1918 – 23 April 1997) was an English cricketer who played in 78 Test matches and spent his whole cricket career with Middlesex. Denis Compton.

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Personal information
Born 23 May 1918 Hendon, Middlesex, England
Died 23 April 1997 (aged 78) Windsor, Berkshire, England
Height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)


Is Cricket famous in Scotland?

Nevertheless, cricket has a long history in Scotland. A fair number of cricket clubs are older than the oldest Scottish football and rugby clubs, and there have been cricket leagues in Scotland since the tail-end of the nineteenth century.

Who is Messi in cricket?

#4 Eoin Morgan (Lionel Messi ) Much like England’s football team, the country’s cricket team has undergone a revolution over the past decade. Under the tutelage of captain Eoin Morgan, England blazed their way to the coveted World Cup in 2019 and changed the landscape of the game with their fearsome displays.

What do cricketers think of footballers?

10 famous footballers who like cricket

  • Dietmar Hamann.
  • Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.
  • Gary Neville.

What is India’s highest ever rank in football?

India is currently ranked 105 in the world and 19th in Asia. In March 2015, we slipped to 173, which was the lowest since the advent of the FIFA Rankings. Our highest ranking was 94 in February 1996.

Who was the first woman to play both World Cups?

Having made her debut for both the national cricket team and the national soccer team at the age of 16, Perry is the youngest Australian to play international cricket and the first to have appeared in both ICC and FIFA World Cups. Ellyse Perry.

Personal information
2018 Supernovas
2020–present Victoria
Career statistics


Which game is better cricket or football?

Also, it does not matter how long the game is – you cannot say football is better than cricket because it’s only 90min while cricket lasts multiple days. You can play a half hour football match, or a half hour cricket match if you want to.

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Who are the best cricket players in the world?

Men’s ODI Batting Rankings

Pos Player Career Best Rating
1 Babar Azam 865 v South Africa, 07/04/2021
2 Virat Kohli 911 v England, 12/07/2018
3 Rohit Sharma 885 v Sri Lanka, 06/07/2019
4 Ross Taylor 841 v Bangladesh, 05/06/2019


How many players play on the field in football?

A football game is played between two teams of 11 players each. Playing with more on the field is punishable by a penalty.

Which country has won the World Cup the maximum no of 5 times?

Brazil have won five times, and they are the only team to have played in every tournament. The other World Cup winners are Germany and Italy, with four titles each; Argentina, France, and inaugural winner Uruguay, with two titles each; and England and Spain, with one title each.

Why don’t they play cricket in Scotland?

British Empire and all that as well as the relative subjugation of the constituent parts of the UK by political and class establishment from London so the Irish, Scots and Welsh did not wish to be associated with the game of cricket.

Why is cricket not popular in Scotland?

One probable factor in the demise of Scottish cricket was climate. [a] plausible theory for explaining the comparative failure of cricket in Scotland is that climate and geography may have had an adverse effect on its development. Cricket, of course, requires dry weather and flat, easily maintained land.

Can Scottish players play for England cricket?

The Scottish men’s team competed in the Cricket World Cup in 1999. Most of the members of Scotland’s national team are amateurs, although a few Scots have played professionally in English domestic cricket, and for the England national team, including former captain Mike Denness.

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