How do I get from Greenock to Edinburgh?

The best way to get from Greenock to Edinburgh is to train via Glasgow which takes 1h 56m and costs £16 – £65. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs £14 – £20 and takes 2h 23m.

How far is Greenock from Edinburgh?

The distance between Edinburgh and Greenock is 61 miles.

What is the best way to get to Edinburgh?

If you live or are visiting nearby cities such as Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle or Manchester, the easiest and most comfortable way of getting to Edinburgh is by train. From further away destinations, flying is normally the cheapest and fastest option.

Does Megabus go to Edinburgh?

Take the megabus to Edinburgh and you won’t need to worry about petrol or parking. Or give the hop-on hop-off tour of Edinburgh a go. You can get a 24 hour pass for the bus which is super handy. If your journey is a little longer, take the bus or the tram.

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How do I get from Greenock to Glasgow?

ScotRail operates a train from Greenock West to Glasgow Central every 30 minutes. Tickets cost £5 – £15 and the journey takes 45 min. Alternatively, McGills Bus Service operates a bus from Greenock, Bus Station to Glasgow, Blythswood Street every 30 minutes. Tickets cost £4 – £5 and the journey takes 50 min.

How far is Greenock Scotland from Glasgow?

How far is it from Glasgow to Greenock? The distance between Glasgow and Greenock is 20 miles. The road distance is 25.1 miles.

Is Greenock a nice place to live?

A survey by a major Scottish bank has highlighted that living in Greenock is the best value for Glasgow commuters. In the west of Scotland, Greenock is the best place to live for commuters travelling into Glasgow city centre.

What airlines fly direct to Edinburgh Scotland?

Direct from United States

United flights American Airlines flights
Delta flights Norwegian Air International flights

How much does a train ticket from London to Edinburgh cost?

It takes an average of 5h 20m to travel from London to Edinburgh (Waverley) by train, over a distance of around 332 miles (534 km). London to Edinburgh (Waverley) by train.

Journey time From 4h 16m
Price From £27
Distance 332 miles (534 km)
Frequency 41 trains per day
First train 05:15

Is it cheaper to fly or train from London to Edinburgh?

London to Edinburgh Travel Comparison

Average Price Travel Time
Bus $28 9:30 h
Train $75 4:17 h
Flight $54 1:10 h

How much is train ticket from Glasgow to Edinburgh?

Trains from Glasgow Queen Street to Edinburgh (Waverley) start at £6.60 one-way based on a return fare. Plan your journey online to see the cheapest train tickets to Edinburgh (Waverley) for your chosen travel times.

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Can I use my free bus pass on Megabus in Scotland?

Free concessionary travel with megabus is only available to Scottish National Entitlement Card holders (elderly and disabled persons) and in the case of companion card holders – their companions.

How much is a train ticket from Manchester to Edinburgh?

Manchester to Edinburgh Train Information

Avg. Train Duration 3 hours 21 minutes
Train Ticket Price: £43
Trains depart from: Manchester
Trains arrive in: Edinburgh
Distance: 282 km

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