How do I get to Islay by ferry?

How to get here. Get the ferry to Islay from Kennacraig on Kintyre, landing at Port Ellen (2 hours 20 minutes) or Port Askaig (from 1 hour 55 minutes). Vehicle reservations are recommended.

Which ferry goes to Islay?

Islay Ferry – Caledonian MacBrayne – Hebridean Isles and MV Finlaggan Ferries.

How do I get to Islay Scotland?

There are two ways to reach Islay via plane: a 45-minute flight from Glasgow, run by Flybe twice daily, and a 40/55-minute flight from Oban (the latter via Colonsay), run by Hebridean Air Services twice a week.

How do I get from Glasgow to Islay?

There is no direct connection from Glasgow to Islay. However, you can take the bus to Kennacraig, Ferry Terminal, take the walk to Kennacraig Ferry Terminal, take the ferry to Port Askaig Islay Ferry Terminal, take the walk to Port Askaig, Ferry Terminal, then take the line 451 bus to Bridgend, Hotel. 5

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Do I need a car on Islay?

I really wouldn’t worry about hiring a car. Traffic on Islay is light, as it usually is on islands, and getting used to the ‘wrong’ side of the road is remarkably easy. There is a reliable bus service, but buses are not all that frequent, and you would struggle to get round many distilleries in your short visit.

Are there midges on Islay?

Midges especially like wet and uncultivated land, something Islay has plenty of, and have to be reckoned with from May to September. Midges usually appear in the evening and early morning when there is only a little or no wind.

Can you get a ferry from Mull to Islay?

The most affordable way to get from Isle of Islay to Isle of Mull (Island) is to ferry, which costs £24 – £35 and takes 7h 21m. The best way to get from Isle of Islay to Isle of Mull (Island) without a car is to ferry which takes 7h 21m and costs £24 – £35. 5

Is there a ferry from Islay to Skye?

There is no direct connection from Isle of Islay to Island of Skye. Alternatively, you can take a vehicle from Isle of Islay to Fort William via Port Askaig, Ferry Terminal, Port Askaig Islay Ferry Terminal, Oban Ferry Terminal, Oban, and Crianlarich in around 10h 13m. 5

How long does it take to drive around Islay?

Select your Islay Tour from the map above or via the links below

Driving Tour Distance (miles/km) Time
Circular Tour from Bridgend via Loch Gorm and Loch Gruinart 19-35 Miles, 31-56Km 2 – 5 Hours
Circular Tour Rhinns of Islay 20 Miles, 32Km 2 – 4 Hours
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How do you pronounce Scottish Islay?

Islay (A) is pronounced Eye-la.

Which is the best Scottish island to visit?

The 20 most beautiful islands to visit in Scotland

  • Vatersay. The most southerly inhabited island of the Outer Hebrides, Vatersay is a small peaceful island linked to Barra by a causeway.
  • Tiree.
  • Shetland.
  • Mull.
  • Orkney.
  • Eigg.
  • Eilean Shona.
  • Barra.

What is Islay famous for?

A stunning island on the ‘whisky coast’ of west Scotland, the Isle of Islay is probably best known for its peaty, smoky whiskies. Some say they are the best in the whole world.

Can you fly to Islay?

Destinations. Islay is located just off the West Coast in Argyll and Bute and is home to some of the most famous whisky distilleries in the world. The airport operates daily flights to and from Glasgow, Colonsay and Oban.

Can you fly from Edinburgh to Islay?

A 34 seat aircraft, likely a Saab 340, will fly up to 7 days weekly from Edinburgh to Islay and back, with a flight time of 45 minutes. You can book your Edinburgh to Islay flight on the Logain Air website: where you can also book flights from Glasgow to Islay.

Are there bridges to Islay?

In an effort to improve the traffic links between Islay and Jura a £15 million bridge will be built across the Sound of Islay, linking the two neighbouring islands. The bridge will significantly improve access to the Isle of Jura and provide a reliable link between Islay and Jura at any weather conditions.

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