When can you fish in Scotland?

On most rivers, the best fish are taken in June and early July. On most rivers and lochs, the brown trout fishing season runs from the 15th of March until the end of September. However there are minor variations. Across much of northern Scotland the season starts on the 1st April.

Can you fish on a Sunday in Scotland?

Yes, in Scotland it is illegal to fish for migratory fish on Sunday (a criminal offence), but the “No Sundays ” rule goes beyond that extending to many other places including trout water such as Loch Watten.

When can you fish for salmon in Scotland?

Predominantly the bigger Scottish salmon rivers are well worth fishing for most of the year and River Tay salmon fishing begins on the 15th of January each year with a season that runs through to the 15th of October.

Do I need a Licence to fish in Scotland?

You do not need a licence to fish with rod and line anywhere in Scotland apart from in the Border Esk region. You only need permission from the landowner or an angling club.

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What fish is popular in Scotland?

Atlantic Salmon are often referred to as the “silver tourist” and “the king of fish ”, it’s undoubtedly Scotland’s most iconic species.

Are there fish in Scottish lochs?

You will discover a tremendous variety of species when fishing in the hundreds of rivers and lochs around Scotland. From beautiful Highland rivers to secluded island lochs, there are excellent salmon, trout and coarse fishing opportunities in some of the most picturesque areas of the country.

Can I fish for free in Scotland?

All freshwater fishing in Scotland is controlled by someone. Generally the riparian owner or the Crown. That said it can be offered for free and no permit is required. Other waters are covered by a Protection Order that forbids fishing without written permission, even if no money has changed hands.

Can I keep fish I catch Scotland?

Keeping fish In Scotland it is a criminal offence to sell your catch of salmon or sea trout, so you must always return your fish to the river unless you intend to eat it. In the interests of conservation, many rivers run a catch and release policy or impose limits on how many fish you can take for yourself.

What happens if you get caught fishing without a permit in Scotland?

Fines for fishing for freshwater fish without written permission. When fishing for migratory fish without written permission you commit a criminal offence in Scotland. Fishing for other freshwater species without written permission is covered by civil law, except of fisheries under protection order.

Where are Scottish salmon caught?

In Scotland, rivers like the Dee, Tay and Spey are all famed for producing big runs of spring salmon, which make them the ideal location to catch one of these elusive creatures. Traditionally, the summer season begins in mid-June and runs through until the end of August.

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Where are Scottish salmon from?

Atlantic salmon Salmo salar They are found in the cleanest rivers, mostly in the north and west. They spend most of their lives out at sea, famously returning to spawn in the same stretch of river or stream in which they hatched.

Who caught the biggest salmon in Scotland?

Record -breaking salmon caught in Scotland A 50 pound salmon has become the biggest fish to be caught in Scotland since 1928. The fish was caught on the fly on the River Tweed by fisherman Shamus Jennings.

Do you need a Licence to fish in Loch Ness?

Lochs and rivers Permits are required for fishing in the local rivers and the following lochs. You can find out more or obtain a permit by contacting the following: River Ness and Loch Ness – 01463 233178 (Grahams of Inverness)

How much is a fishing license in Scotland?

Daily permits A Daily Permit is available to all anglers, regardless of their home address, including visitors to the area. For Spring fishing (January – June) this costs £10.00 and for Summer fishing (July – October) this is £15.00.

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