How do I find my Scottish census?

You can access census records from 1841 to 1911 on the Scotland’s People website, for a fee. Some free census data is also available at FreeCEN.

Can I search the 1881 census by address?

As well as searching for a person, you can also search the 1881 census by address – ideal for tracing your house history or exploring the local history of an area.

What years was census taken in Scotland?

The Scottish government has taken a census every ten years since 1801 except in 1941 (due to WWII). The censuses before 1841 were taken strictly for statistical purposes.

How do I find a census by street name?

To start using the address search tool, select ‘ Search ‘ from the site menu and then ‘ Census addresses’. You’ll be taken to our census address search page where you can choose to search all British censuses at once or a specific year. From this page, you can search by census, street name and location.

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Why does Scotland not have a census?

So why isn’t it happening in Scotland? Scotland has decided to move its census to March 2022 “due to the impact of COVID-19”.

How often does Scotland have a census?

Scotland’s Census is the official count of every person and household in the country. The Scottish Government says that there has been a census in Scotland every 10 years since 1801, except 1941. The next one is due to take place on March 20, 2022.

How do I search the census for free?

The National Archives has the census schedules on microfilm available from 1790 to 1940, and online access is available through our digitization partners ( free at any National Archives facility). See our Census Resources page to search the digitized records on our partners’ websites.

What happened to 1931 Census?

The 1931 census returns, including schedules, enumeration books and plans, were completely destroyed in a fire in Hayes, Middlesex, where the census was being stored. Many precautions had been taken to protect the census, which all failed. The 1941 UK census was not taken due to World War II.

What is the latest census available to public?

Because of a 72-year restriction on access to the Census, the most recent year available is 1940. The 1950 Census will be released in 2022. The National Archives has the census schedules on microfilm available from 1790 to 1940, and most have now been digitized by our digitization partners.

Does Scotland have a census?

Scotland’s census is taken by the National Records of Scotland on behalf of the Registrar General for Scotland. It holds records of the census of the population of Scotland from 1841 and every 10 years after that. The one exception was the wartime year of 1941 when no census was taken.

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How do I find the history of my house in Scotland?

There are many other sources available in the National Records of Scotland (NRS) which can help you research the history of buildings. Read the NRS’ guide on buildings and consult the NRS’ online catalogue to continue your online research.

Does Scotland have a separate census?

The responsibility for running censuses in the UK is split between: National Records of Scotland for Scotland’s Census 2022. Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency for the 2021 Census in Northern Ireland. the Office for National Statistics for the 2021 Census in England and Wales.

Can you view census records for free?

View digitized Census Records online through one of our partners, or ( is free -of-charge. is available free -of-charge at the National Archives facilities nationwide and through many libraries, otherwise by subscription.)

Is Find My Past free?

Available for free on all Android and iOS devices, the Findmypast mobile app is designed to help you find your ancestors and build your family tree with just a tap and a swipe, wherever you are.

Can you view the 1901 Census for free?

You can also access the Genes Reunited 1901 census records for free on site at The National Archives in Kew. Many libraries also have Ancestry and/or findmypast available for free from within the library.

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