Which part of Glasgow is Partick?

Partick (Scots: Pairtick, Scottish Gaelic: Partaig) is an area of Glasgow on the north bank of the River Clyde, just across from Govan.

Is Partick in the West End?

Now Partick, a former burgh in Glasgow’s west end, has been named as of the coolest neighbourhoods in the UK thanks to its street art and nearby museums.

Is Partick a nice place to live?

As others have said, the West End – Hillhead, Dowanhill, Yorkhill (are you beginning to see a pattern here) Hyndland, Partick – are good, and of course they are the most expensive areas. You might do well to consider Dennistoun, to the east of the city centre, and south of the river you could consider Shawlands.

How old is Partick?

There is evidence of a bishop’s residence in the village of Partick dating back to the 12th century and old pictures record the ruins of ” Partick Castle” down by the River Kelvin. For centuries the main importance of Partick was as a ford to cross the River Kelvin when travellers moved between Dumbarton and Glasgow.

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What is the West End in Glasgow?

The ‘ West End ‘ of Glasgow is renowned for its beautiful architecture, quaint shops, bustling nightlife, parks and is centred around Byres Road. The area attracts young and mature professionals and students attending Glasgow University.

Is Thornwood safe?

Overall I love living in Thornwood, it is very safe and has a tight knit community. The only thing I wish Thornwood had was more places for teenagers to hang out.

Is Thornwood a nice place to live?

Thornwood, same with most of Partick, is fine. There can be one or two hairy bits in Whiteinch, but I know no end of folk in Thornwood, none ever had any issues. All of Thornwood is fine. Just expect to pay a hefty rent, since it’s in the West End and so close to Partick.

Is Partick a good area in Glasgow?

While the city of Glasgow itself is famous its nightlife options, many of the areas away from the centre still boast a great many opportunities to have fun. Partick is home to a superb selection of pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and cafés, many of which are to be found on Dumbarton Road.

How many pubs are in Partick?

pub information: pubs near Partick train station

found 579 pubs within 10 miles of Partick train station. [map of the area]
showing 1 to 20 of 579 [>> next 20 >>] show comment summaries
more details Name: The Ettrick – Location: Glasgow Address: 317-319, Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G11 6AL Distance: 0.1 miles


What are the worst areas of Glasgow?

Easy answer Possilpark is the worst area in Glasgow and has the worst drugs problem in Europe. Now there are other housing schemes Maryhill, Milton leading into Springburn which are all one big melted together connerbation of nastiness joined together with Possilpark aka Possil…..

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What are the bad areas of Glasgow?

Seven areas in Glasgow are also persistently among the most deprived, including Parkhead West and Barrowfield, Barlanark, Central Easterhouse, Dalmarnock, Govan and Linthouse, Keppochhill and Wyndford.

Is whiteinch rough?

It can sometimes look a bit rough, and it is slightly lacking for things to do (restaurants, pubs), but it’s all fine to live in. The city is not what it was. It still lives off a reputation from many years ago, and it needs to be shrugged off.

Why is Partick Thistle not in Partick?

Scottish football was stopped in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, at which time Thistle were in last place in the Championship (two points behind 9th place Queen of the South, although Thistle had a game in hand).

Why are Partick Thistle called the Jags?

Partick Thistle – called ‘The Jags ‘ (the prickles). This derives from the Scots word ‘ jag ‘ or ‘jaggie’ which means ‘prick/pierce’ or ‘prickly’ which is a good description of a thistle. The Scots for thistle is ‘thrissle’.

Is Partick Thistle a Catholic team?

Partick Thistle fans are known for being a fiercely independent, non-sectarian (even atheist), underdog counterpoint to the other two Glasgow mega- teams, the Celtic (mostly Catholic fan-base) and Rangers (mostly Protestant fan-base).

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