How far is killiecrankie from Pitlochry?

The distance between Pitlochry and Killiecrankie is 4 miles. 5

Is Killiecrankie in the highlands?

listen); (Scottish Gaelic: Coille Chreithnich, meaning aspen wood) is a village in Perth and Kinross, Scotland on the River Garry. It lies at the Pass of Killiecrankie, by the A9 road which has been bypassed since 1986. Killiecrankie.

Killiecrankie Scottish Gaelic: Coille Chreithnich
Scottish Parliament Perthshire North


What is killiecrankie famous for?

Our first stop was a lovely Autumnal walk through the colourful forests at Killiecrankie, site of a famous battle during the First Jacobite Rising back in 1689. Today this magnificent gorge is a fabulous place for woodland strolls, tumbling waterfalls, and if you’re lucky, leaping salmon!

Where is the Pass of Killiecrankie?

Three miles north of Pitlochry by the A9 road, the Pass of Killiecrankie (Gaelic: Coille Chneagaidh), is a gorge lying between Ben Vrackie (841 m (2,759 ft)) and Tenandry Hill in Perth and Kinross on the River Garry.

Is a Jacobite?

Jacobite, in British history, a supporter of the exiled Stuart king James II (Latin: Jacobus) and his descendants after the Glorious Revolution. The political importance of the Jacobite movement extended from 1688 until at least the 1750s.

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Where in Scotland is Pitlochry?

Pitlochry (/pɪtˈlɒxri/; Baile Chloichridh or Baile Chloichrigh in Gaelic) is a town in the county of Perthshire in Scotland, lying on the River Tummel. It is administered as part of the council area of Perth and Kinross, and has a population of 2,776, according to the 2011 census.

Where is the Soldier’s Leap?

A location on the River Garry at the northern end of the Pass of Killiecrankie, Soldier’s Leap marks the spot on the narrow wooded gorge where, it is said, Donald MacBean, a government soldier, avoided certain capture or death by jumping 5.5m (18.5 feet) across the river after the Battle of Killiecrankie on 27th July

What happened at Killiecrankie?

The Battle of Killiecrankie (Scottish Gaelic: Blàr Choille Chnagaidh), also referred to as the Battle of Rinrory, took place on 27 July 1689 during the 1689 Scottish Jacobite rising. Although Killiecrankie was an unexpected and stunning victory, his army suffered heavy casualties and he was killed in the final minutes.

Where would u find soldiers leap?

Soldier’s Leap, Perthshire The wide gorge at this Perthshire beauty spot in Killiecrankie opens out to a huge river pool where you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the tranquil water.

How do I get to fall of the bruar?

Walk Description Walk around the front of the building and then head left uphill just before the bridge following the signs for the Falls of Bruar. The walk passes under the railway line (trespass on the lines is strictly prohibited) and follows the Bruar Water upstream where clear pools can be seen below.

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What are killiecrankie diamonds?

Killiecrankie Diamond. Killiecrankie Diamond is a misnomer for gem-quality topaz pebbles found at Killiecrankie Bay, Flinders Island. The topaz from this site was probably one of the earliest gems or minerals recorded and exported from Australia.

Who won killiecrankie?

Jacobite forces defeated troops of the Scottish government army at the Battle of Killiecrankie on 27 July 1689, despite the loss of their leader Viscount Dundee during the fighting.

What is the song Bonnie Dundee about?

Bonnie Dundee is the title of a poem and a song written by Walter Scott in 1825 in honour of John Graham, 7th Laird of Claverhouse, who was created 1st Viscount Dundee in November 1688, then in 1689 led a Jacobite rising in which he died, becoming a Jacobite hero.

Where is Tummel Bridge?

Tummel Bridge and Loch Tummel Above the head of the loch is the village of Tummel Bridge where the old bridge crosses the River Tummel. This original bridge (now pedestrian only) was built by General Wade in 1730. It has a modern replacement alongside carrying the traffic from Aberfeldy.

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