Why is the 9 of diamonds unlucky in Scotland?

The nine of diamonds playing card is often referred to as the “Curse of Scotland ” There are a number of reasons given for this connection: 1. Nine diamonds were at one time stolen from the crown of Scotland and a tax was levied on the Scottish people to pay for them – the tax got the nickname “The Curse of Scotland “.

Which playing card is known as the Clare hearse?

Slanguage – a Dictionary of Irish Slang And there are some very obscure ones here, like ‘ Clare hearse ‘ — a Kerry expression for the ten of clubs playing card, an ill omen to fortune tellers. Then there are much more modern ones, like the gem coined by Michael Palin in 1994 — ‘The Cholesterol Coast’.

What does 9 diamonds mean?

In 18th-century Scotland, the nine of diamonds was sometimes called the “Justice Clerk”, and was considered to be the most unlucky card in the pack.

What is the unluckiest playing card?

In the Hearts family of card games, the queen of spades is usually considered an unlucky card; it is the eponym of the Black Maria and Black Lady variants of Hearts. The player who ends up with the queen of spades after a match scores 13 points (points are to be avoided in this game).

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What does 3 spades mean?

Three of spades means a change of plans, that usually results in emotional pain and broken heart. It is a bad card, no doubt about it. In a mild case this card could announce a cancelled date or misunderstandings between two lovers. In the worst case it is an omen for a break-up or divorce.

What does 3 of diamonds mean?

Three of diamonds is a card of professional career. It means that you should maintain keen interest in your work and your business. Three of diamonds suggests that you will be well appreciated and rewarded for your current work.

What does 7 of spades mean?

The Seven of Spades is called a card of “Spiritual Victory.” People born under this birth card are powerful and often become leaders. The Seven of Spades have many friends, but few loves. They are generous and willing to serve others. Of all cards, they represent the best teachers and wisest counselors.

What does the 10 of diamonds mean?

Ten of Diamonds represents a journey through which you will gain riches and wealth. This card announces that you will be forced to leave your zone of comfort. This change will not be pleasant, but successful, resulting in material or spiritual wealth. In short: Ten of diamonds will bring you diamonds.

What does Queen of Diamonds mean?

A haughty, jealous, wicked and promiscuous woman, the Queen of Diamonds represents, isolated, your enemy. She is very talkative and a skilled manipulator of men, who easily fall for her charms. In a love reading, the queen of diamonds is a warning sign that somebody wants to steal your lover or spouse.

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What does 4 of diamonds mean?

Four of Diamond Meaning: Good Fortune. Karma for the 4 of Diamonds – Overcoming of Self. This is considered a card of luck and good fortune. Thus, the 4 of Diamond are inherently protected, but only if they are making diligent and concentrated efforts in their lives.

Why is the four of clubs called the Devil’s bedpost?

The Devil’s Bedpost Also called the Devil’s Four -Poster Bed, this name for the Four of Clubs is derived from the design of the pips on the card, which can be imagined to be the four posts of a bed. This card is considered by some superstitious folk to be a curse, apparently ruining any hand that includes it.

Is it a sin to play cards?

Card games are not ” sinful ” in any way. They are pieces of cardboard. The Bible has more violent and sexual depictions of events than a playing card ever could, so calling a card game worse than that would just be hypocritical.

Is playing card a bad thing?

Playing cards is not at all a bad thing, it has been in our culture since the stone age. The card game rummy is often associated with a social gathering since early days. People of states like Tamil Nadu and south are specifically practice rummy during many festivals.

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