Can you name the 2 national parks in Scotland?

Alongside Scotland’s two National Parks, the Cairngorms National Park and Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park, you ‘ll discover 43 National Nature Reserves, which are nationally and internationally renowned for their wildlife and habitats; three UNESCO Global Geoparks (Lochaber, North-West Highlands and Shetland)

What did the Border Reivers do?

Border reivers were raiders along the Anglo-Scottish border from the late 13th century to the beginning of the 17th century. Their ranks consisted of both Scottish and English people, and they raided the entire Border country without regard to their victims’ nationality.

What is a Scottish border clan?

A Border Clan, also historically known as a grayne, is a family which originates in the Anglo- Scottish Border region. Many of these ended up involved in the Plantation of Ulster, where they formed a major part of the Scots Irish, and also settled in parts of North America.

What’s a Reiver?

People new to Iowa Western often ask: What is a Reiver anyway? The simple answer: River Pirate. Based on the etymology of the word, reiver, it was a fitting term to label the Missouri River plunderers.

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Who owns the National Parks in Scotland?

Each national park in Scotland is administered by a national park authority. Under the National Parks ( Scotland ) Act 2000, national parks in Scotland have four aims: To conserve and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the area. To promote sustainable use of the natural resources of the area.

Does Scotland have any national parks?

Scotland has two National Parks: Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, established in 2002.

Where did the last name Armstrong originated?

Armstrong is a surname of Scottish borders origin. It derives from a Middle English nickname which meant someone with strong arms. In Ireland the name was adopted as an Anglicization of two Gaelic names from Ulster: Mac Thréinfhir (meaning “son of the strong man”) and Ó Labhraidh Tréan (meaning “strong O’Lavery”).

What did Reivers wear?

On his head the Reiver would typically wear a steel bonnet and a quilted jacket of stout leather sewn with plates of metal or horn to protect his body.

What were the clans of Scotland?

While there are numerous versions of the clan maps of Scotland, most feature a clear division between Scotland’s two peoples: the Lowland Scots and the Gaelic clans. Interestingly, the ‘Macs’ rule the north and west coast, with the MacNeil, MacDonald and MacLeod clans populating the Outer Hebrides.

Where did Scots Irish come from?

Scotch – Irish (or Scots – Irish ) Americans are American descendants of Ulster Protestants who immigrated from northern Ireland to America during the 18th and 19th centuries, whose ancestors had originally migrated mainly from the Scottish Lowlands and Northern England (and sometimes from the Anglo- Scottish border).

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Who were the Border clans?

Border Clans included the Armstrongs, Johnstones, Scotts, Elliotts, Fenwicks, Bells, Nixons, Maxwells, Kerrs, Dodds, Taits, Howards, Cecils, Douglases, Homes, Croziers, Forsters, Grahams, Irvines, Robsons and Storeys. These names are still common place across the Border country.

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