How far is aboyne from Aberdeen?

How far is it from Aberdeen to Aboyne? The distance between Aberdeen and Aboyne is 26 miles.

What county is aboyne in?

The village of Aboyne is located within the county of Aberdeenshire. Aboyne is situated in the Scotland region of the UK and is governed by Aberdeenshire, council.

Is aboyne a town or village?

The Aberdeenshire village of Aboyne is perhaps best known as the home of an annual Highland Games. The Aboyne Highland Games Day traditionally takes place on the first or second Wednesday in September and is always held on the day before the famous Highland Gathering at Braemar.

Is aboyne a nice place to live?

Aboyne features in the leading 10 places to live in Scotland. “We have two excellent schools and ever-improving community facilities for sport and recreation, community owned and managed woodlands and the only community-operated scheduled bus service in Scotland. “It is a great place to live or to visit.”

Where is Glen Tanner?

Glen Tanar (Scottish Gaelic: Gleann Tanar ) is a glen in Aberdeenshire, eastern Scotland, through which the Water of Tanar flows.

Glen Tanar
Location Glen Tanar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Coordinates 57.050093°N 2.866778°WCoordinates:57.050093°N 2.866778°W
Area 41.9 km2 (16.2 sq mi)

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What does aboyne mean?

The name “ Aboyne ” is derived from “Oboyne”, first recorded in 1260, in turn derived from the Gaelic words “abh”, “bo”, and “fionn”, meaning “[place by] white cow river”.

What is the population of Ballater?


Ballater Scottish Gaelic: Bealadair
Ballater Location within Aberdeenshire
Population 1,446 (2001 census) est. 1,520 (2006)
OS grid reference NO369958
• Edinburgh 76 mi (122 km)


Is Aboyne in the Cairngorms?

Situated just on the edge of the Cairngorms National Park, Aboyne is of great attraction to those interested in outdoor pursuits.

Where should I live in Edinburgh or Aberdeen?

Aberdeen is not that bad! Edinburgh is the better city if you like city living. It’s also better for arts & culture – but then it has twice the population and it the seat of the Scottish Parliament so you’d expect that. Aberdeen wins if you want to live out of town or get out into the countryside.

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