Is it worth going to Orkney Islands?

The Orkney Islands are certainly worth visiting however if you only have 7 or 8 days to spend in Scotland it may be difficult to work them into your itinerary as you probably wish to see some other parts of the country.

What is Kirkwall known for?

Kirkwall is a bustling, busy town, but it’s one with a historic centre full of character. Officially a Royal Burgh since 1486, Kirkwall’s name comes from the Norse ‘Kirkjuvagr’, meaning ‘Church on the bay’, and a Viking spirit still runs through the town, focused on the magnificent St Magnus Cathedral.

What tourist attractions are open in Orkney?

Top Attractions in Orkney Islands

  • Saint Magnus Cathedral. 1,858.
  • Highland Park Distillery. 553.
  • Eday Island. Islands.
  • Churchill Barriers. Historic Sites • Points of Interest & Landmarks.
  • Betty’s Reading Room. Points of Interest & Landmarks.
  • The Brough of Birsay. Islands.
  • The Orkney Museum. 603.
  • Skara Brae. 2,079.
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What island is Kirkwall on?

You might wonder where is Kirkwall? Located on the enchanting Orkney Islands off Scotland’s north coast, between the mainland and Shetland, this vibrant capital is a fascinating ancient Norse town.

Can you see Northern Lights in Orkney?

Orkney is a great place to witness the Northern Lights, with autumn and winter the ideal time of year. That said, clear, dark skies are needed, in addition to the right levels of atmospheric activity.

Which is better Orkney or Shetland?

If you want remoteness, wild scenery(moors) and sea cliffs then go to the Shetlands. The Orkneys are more cultivated, more variety and better infrastructure for getting around.

What airlines fly to Kirkwall?

Which airlines offer direct flights to Orkney Kirkwall? LoganAir, British Airways, KLM all fly direct to Orkney Kirkwall.

Why is Kirkwall not a city?

Kirkwall is the main town in Orkney. Technically a city as it has a cathedral (any place in the UK with a cathedral is designated a city, whatever the size, apparently). [[see note below amd comments! – I’m confusing Kirkwall with being a Royal Burgh, it was given this status in 1486 by King James III of Scotland]].

How old is Kirkwall?

Kirkwall was formerly the site of an ancient Norse town founded approximately 1000 years ago. Today, it is a transport hub with ferries to many locations.

What are the Orkneys famous for?

Rousay is well known for its ancient monuments, including the Quoyness chambered cairn and Egilsay has the ruins of the only round-towered church in Orkney. Wyre to the south-east contains the site of Cubbie Roo’s castle. Stronsay and Papa Stronsay lie much further to the east across the Stronsay Firth.

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How do you get around Orkney?

Whether by bus, car, bike, ferry or plane – travelling around Orkney is very straightforward. Travelling around Orkney is very straightforward. Our roads are quiet and we have excellent bus and inter-island ferry services, along with an inter-island air service, ensuring all corners of the islands are accessible.

How much does it cost to visit Skara Brae?


Category Skara Brae & Skaill House (Apr-Oct) Skara Brae only (Nov-Mar)
Adult (16-64yrs) £9.00 £7.00
Concession (65yrs+ and unemployed) £7.20 £5.60
Child (5-15yrs) £5.40 £4.20
Family (1 adult, 2 children) £18.00 £14.00


What language is spoken in the Orkney Islands?

In the present day the Scots language is spoken in Orkney and Shetland, but there are a smattering of words (some used in both island groups) heavily influenced by Norn.

Do the Orkney Islands belong to Scotland?

Orkney is a county in Scotland, and is treated the same as every other county in Scotland. Scotland is in Great Britain, therefore, The Orkney and The Shetland Islands are a part of Great Britain.

Who owns the Orkney Islands?

The South Orkney Islands are part of the Antarctic Treaty System, which means that they are not technically owned by any country. However, Argentina and the U.K. have both made claims upon these islands in the past.

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