Where is Burnett Castle?

This harled castle was built by the Burnetts of Leys and was held in that family for almost 400 years.

Crathes Castle
Part of Aberdeenshire
Near Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Crathes Castle
Coordinates 57.061483°N 2.439917°WCoordinates:57.061483°N 2.439917°W


What is Crathes Castle famous for?

Along with its intricate maze of turrets and fairytale-like towers, the castle is famous for its oak panels and painted ceilings, many of which survive beautifully to this day. Crathes also has its own legendary ghost, the Green Lady, who is said to have been sighted occasionally over the centuries.

Does anyone live in Crathes Castle?

From the 16th century the main residence of the Burnetts of Leys was Crathes Castle and the present Chief of the family James C. A. Burnett of Leys lives nearby at House of Crathes.

How far is Crathes Castle from Aberdeen?

The distance between Aberdeen and Crathes Castle is 14 miles.

Is Burnett an Irish name?

Burnett is a Scottish surname. It is derived from a nickname from the Old French burnete, brunette, which is a diminutive of brun meaning “brown”, “dark brown”.

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How common is the name Burnett?

Burnett Surname Distribution Map

Place Incidence Frequency
United States 80,255 1:4,516
England 12,592 1:4,425
Australia 6,512 1:4,146
Canada 5,254 1:7,013


Who owns craigievar castle?

20th century During the war, Fintray House was used as a hospital for wounded Belgian soldiers. In 1963, the family donated the Craigievar estate to the National Trust for Scotland which took over operation. Since 1990, the estate has been a Listed building of the Aberdeenshire Council.

Who bought Tillypronie estate?

Following Sir John Clark’s own death in 1910 Tillypronie went through various hands until it was bought in 1925 by Sir Thomas Royden, the chairman of Cunard White Star.

Who lived in Crathes Castle?

The story of Crathes Castle is the story of the Burnett family, who lived here continuously from when it was built in the latter half of the 1500s until 1951, when Major-General Sir James Burnett, 13th Baronet of Leys, presented the castle and estate to the National Trust for Scotland.

Is there a Scottish National Trust?

The National Trust for Scotland for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty, commonly known as the National Trust for Scotland ( Scottish Gaelic: Urras Nàiseanta na h-Alba), is a Scottish conservation organisation.

Is Crathes Castle Garden Open?

It is a walled garden with sculptured topiary and brilliant planting. Opening times Garden open all year daily 9am to dusk., Castle open April to November.

How far is Crathes Castle from Banchory?

The distance between Banchory and Crathes Castle is 3 miles.

How many castles are there in Aberdeenshire?

With over 260 castles, stately homes and ruins dotting its landscape, Aberdeenshire is unsurprisingly known as ‘Scotland’s Castle Country.

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How do you get to Scolty Hill?

To reach the Scolty Woodlands car park from Banchory take B974 south and once over the Dee turn right and follow the signs to the car park. From the car park head up to the main track heading west, ignoring the red and yellow markers heading off to the left and right.

Are dogs allowed at Crathes Castle?

Dogs can explore the woodland at Crathes off lead scoring this castle 50 points. Spot a variety of wildlife on the 16th-century castle grounds including roe deer, red squirrels, woodpeckers, buzzards and herons.

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