Why is it called Burnt Island?

The most oft recited version is the literal ‘ burnt island ‘ one. The traditional story is that it arose from the burning of a few fishermen’s huts, upon a small island on the west side of the harbour, which induced them to take up their residence where the town now stands.”

What county is Burntisland in?

BURNTISLAND, a parish, burgh, and sea-port town, in the district of Kirkcaldy, county of Fife, 4½ miles (S. W. by W.) from Kirkcaldy, and 9 (N. by E.) from Edinburgh; containing the village of Kirkton.

Is Burntisland a nice place to live?

Burntisland Scotland is Edinburgh’s best commuter town boasting best facilities 2016 and best coastal commute town. Rapidly becoming the new property fringe of Edinburgh City property prices are very favourable.

Does anyone live on Inchkeith?

ARLHS no. Inchkeith (from the Scottish Gaelic: Innis Cheith) is an island in the Firth of Forth, Scotland, administratively part of the Fife council area. Inchkeith has, by some accounts, been inhabited (intermittently) for almost 1,800 years.

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How far is Burntisland from Glasgow?

The distance between Glasgow and Burntisland is 42 miles.

Is Burntisland a town or village?

listen (help·info), Scots: Bruntisland) is a former royal burgh and parish in Fife, Scotland, on the northern shore of the Firth of Forth. According to the 2011 census, the town has a population of 6,269. Burntisland.

Burntisland Scots: Bruntisland
Postcode district KY3
Dialling code 01592
Police Scotland


Is Burntisland fairground open?

Burntisland fair, one of Fife’s most popular summer attractions, has been cancelled for a second year running.

How far is Burntisland from Edinburgh?

The distance from Burntisland to Edinburgh is approximately 7 miles (12 km).

Is Kirkcaldy rough?

Kirkcaldy has a bit of a rough reputation but parts of it are nice. If you’ve no reason to want to live elsewhere I’d start by trying out somewhere with no commute at all at least for a bit.

What is Kirkcaldy like to live in?

Kirkcaldy is a reasonable place to live. It is an ex-mining town, but one of the former mines is now a housing estate by the sea. It has good transport links to Edinburgh, as it’s on the main East Coast line. There are also regular bus services to Edinburgh and a Park and Ride scheme at Ferrytoll.

Is crossford a nice place to live?

Crossford is nice, as are Limekilns and Culross, if you’re looking for a coastal village feel. If you’re going to be in any way reliant on public transport I’d suggest focusing on Rosyth or Cairneyhill/ Crossford, which have a better bus service into town.

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Who owns the Isle of fidra?

The island is a designated reserve owned by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

Can you visit Inchkeith Island?

Most of the buildings that were left over from those days still remain on the island in various states of repair. Inchkeith is like nowhere we have explored before and is rarely visited by people other than those looking for a day out on their boats.

Can you visit Inchgarvie Island?

Inchgarvie is a small, uninhabited island in the Firth of Forth and is dwarfed by the Forth Rail Bridge that runs along side the island., situated in the parish of Inverkeithing, county of Fife. To arrange a visit to Inchgarvie please contact: Edinburgh Boat Charters Ltd, Port Edgar Marina, South Queensferry.

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