What county is gorebridge in?

OS grid reference NT343616
Council area Midlothian
Lieutenancy area Midlothian
Country Scotland


Is gorebridge a nice place to live?

Gorebridge is a small town and a former mining community located in central Midlothian. 80.8% of the Gorebridge population consider their health to be either good or very good.

How far is gorebridge from Edinburgh?

The distance between Edinburgh and Gorebridge is 10 miles. 5

What is broxburn like to live in?

Broxburn is a has-been town, once famous for churning out millions at the local sausage factory. It is now an almost desolate shanty town. The town features an impressive array of pubs, freezerland affairs, take-aways, bookmakers and budget supermarkets.

Where should I live near Edinburgh?

Best places to live outside Edinburgh

  • North Berwick. North Berwick in East Lothian is a superb choice for those looking for both rural and coastal living within half an hour by train from Edinburgh city centre.
  • Gullane.
  • Linlithgow.
  • South Queensferry.
  • Burntisland and Aberdour.
  • Commuting to Edinburgh.

Is Dalkeith safe?

Dalkeith seems to have a thing for violence. There is a lot of truancy from the schools. The skivers hang around Dalkeith town centre, Eskbank and Cameron Toll. Dalkeith has had a lot of bad luck in the last couple of years especially, because of violent incidents and bad publicity.

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How do I get from Edinburgh to Gorebridge?

It takes an average of 28m to travel from Edinburgh (Waverley) to Gorebridge by train, over a distance of around 9 miles (15 km). There are normally 33 trains per day travelling from Edinburgh (Waverley) to Gorebridge and tickets for this journey start from £6 when you book in advance.

What is broxburn known for?

Broxburn and Uphall are both West Lothian towns situated on the Union Canal between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Broxburn (also known as ‘the valley of badgers’) and the nearby town of Uphall both offer a range of local attractions and amenities, including top quality butchers, cafés, restaurants and cosy Scottish pubs.

Is broxburn a town?

Broxburn (Scottish Gaelic: Srath Bhroc, IPA:[ˈs̪ɾaˈvɾɔʰk]) is a town in West Lothian, Scotland, on the A89 road, 12 miles (19 km) from the West End of Edinburgh, 5 miles (8.0 km) from Edinburgh Airport and 5 miles (8.0 km) to the north of Livingston.

Is wallyford a nice place to live?

Wallyford becoming ‘one of the most attractive places in East Lothian to live ‘, says councillor. A FORMER mining village is becoming one of the most attractive places to live in East Lothian, says the county’s planning convenor.

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