Where is the area of Sutherland in Scotland?

Sutherland covers a large area of the North Highlands including some of the most remote and dramatic scenery in mainland Scotland. The area stretches north from Dornoch in the east, sharing a boundary with Caithness, and in the west stretches from Lochinver north to Durness and Cape Wrath.

How far is Inverness from Sutherland?

The distance between Inverness and Sutherland is 55 miles. The road distance is 65.3 miles.

Is Ullapool in Sutherland?

Sutherland and Caithness make up the remote northern part of Scotland, bordered by Ullapool in the south-west, the historical county of Rosshire in the south (Easter and Wester Ross) and Dornoch in the south-east.

How do I get to Sutherland Scotland?

You can take a bus from Glasgow to Sutherland via Inverness, Bus Station, Inverness, Union Street, and Fiag Bridge in around 6h 37m. Alternatively, you can take a train from Glasgow to Sutherland via Perth, Inverness, and Lairg in around 7h 31m.

Is Lochinver on NC500?

It’s an area popular with tourists thanks to the North Coast 500 ( NC500 ), but many rush round the route without lingering long enough to fully appreciate what this spectacular corner of Scotland has to offer.

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Is Sutherland a good company?

Experience about Sutherland Management Overall, it is a good company, except a few things. Too much of office politics, if you’re under the umbrella of your God father, then you will get the future growth. Old mentality of the senior level employee. Compensation wise pathetic and percentage of merit hike is very bad.

Where should I stay in Sutherland Scotland?

Hotels in Sutherland and Caithness

  • The Ben Loyal Hotel Tongue. Pets by arrangement Wifi available.
  • Muthu Royal Thurso Hotel Thurso. No pets Wifi available.
  • Navidale House Hotel Navidale.
  • Mackays Hotel Wick.
  • Dornoch Hotel Dornoch.
  • The Overscaig House Hotel Loch Shin.
  • Dornoch Castle Hotel Dornoch.
  • Invershin Hotel Invershin.

Where is Ross Cromarty Scotland?

Ross and Cromarty, historic region, northern Scotland, spanning the width of the country from the North Sea on the east to the Atlantic Ocean on the west. It includes Lewis (part of the island of Lewis and Harris) in the Outer Hebrides. Ross and Cromarty comprises the historic counties of Ross -shire and Cromartyshire.

How far is Caithness from Inverness?

The straight distance between Inverness (Scotland) and Caithness (Scotland) is 57.60 mi, but the driving distance is 86.73 mi. It takes 2 hours 35 mins to go from Inverness to Caithness.

How far is Ullapool from Glasgow?

The distance from Glasgow to Ullapool is approximately 144 miles (232 km).

Is Ullapool in Wester Ross?

Ullapool sits on the shores of Loch Broom and is one of the main tourist hubs of the Wester Ross area. Nearby attractions include Corrieshalloch Gorge & the Falls of Measach (one of the BIG 5 reasons to visit Wester Ross ) as well as Leckmelm Shrubbery and Arboretum.

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Is Ullapool a town?

Ullapool (/ˈʌləpuːl/; Scottish Gaelic: Ulapul [ˈul̪ˠapʰul̪ˠ]) is a port and a village of around 1,500 inhabitants in Ross and Cromarty, Scottish Highlands, located around 45 miles (72 km) north-west of Inverness. The town lies on Loch Broom, on the A835 road from Inverness.

What are the counties of Scotland?

The Scottish counties were:

  • Aberdeenshire (or the County of Aberdeen)
  • Angus (or Forfarshire or the County of Forfar)
  • Argyll (or Argyllshire)
  • Ayrshire (or the County of Ayr)
  • Banffshire (or the County of Banff)
  • Berwickshire (or the County of Berwick)
  • Buteshire (or the County of Bute)
  • Caithness.

Where in Scotland is helmsdale?

Helmsdale (Scots: Helmsdal, Scottish Gaelic: Bun Ilidh) is a village on the east coast of Sutherland, in the Highland council area of Scotland. The modern village was planned in 1814 to resettle communities that had been removed from the surrounding straths as part of the Highland Clearances.

Where is Wester Ross Scotland?

Wester Ross ( Scottish Gaelic: Ros an Iar) is an area of the Northwest Highlands of Scotland in the council area of Highland. Wester Ross.

Wester Ross National Scenic Area
Location Ross and Cromarty, Scotland
Coordinates 57.666°N 5.219°WCoordinates:57.666°N 5.219°W
Area 163,456 ha (631.11 sq mi)/1634.58 sq. km
Established 1981

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