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Live the Royal life – Cook, eat and live healthy

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” said Hippocrates. These words highlight the importance of food in our life and how our choices affect the quality of the life we live.We are getting busier by the day, trying to beat the clock, running the rat race and our diet is evolving to cope up with the demands of our routine. An evening of drinks and junk food is compensated next morning with fruit juice and cereals. A hearty family meal is considered unhealthy and rest of the day is spent trying to cut down the calories. But it is not a 1-1 =0 kind of an equation. Why not aim to eat healthy most of the times and leave those few meals to enjoy what we actually like without feeling guilty? Why not make your daily meals in a way that they not only please your taste buds but are also healthy for your body?

Few days back I was invited to a cooking demonstration by Seeba International at Palate Culinary Studio. The session was hosted by none other than celebrity chef Rakhee Vaswani and Food Bloggers Association of India (FBAI). The concept resonated with my thinking of making daily meals healthier.

With chef Rakhee Vaswani at Palate Culinary studio

Seeba International is the sole authorized distributor for Royal Prestige Cookware in India. Manushi Jain, Chief Marketing Officer at Seeba informed us that all Royal Prestige products are made from surgical steel. Which means that it is non reactive to the acidic or alkaline food items and will not erode with time. We all must have seen how the enamel from our favorite non-stick pan starts coming off in few months. Well, it all gets mixed in our food. If this is the era of organic vegetables and focus is on buying products with less or no chemicals, why are we putting such toxins on our plates? Manushi said “Royal Prestige products do not react with the food and are amongst the “safest” cookware products on the market”.

Cooking demonstration
INNOVE cooking range from Royal Prestige

We then learnt the secrets of healthy cooking from Chef Rakhee. Using Royal Prestige products she cooked up a storm! Under the watchful eyes of chef Rakhee, one group of bloggers cooked food with normal utensils and another cooked using the INNOVE range from Royal Prestige. The results were astonishing. The chicken cooked with INNOVE was moist, juicy and retained all the flavor which generally gets lost while cooking in a pan. Barey risotto – another healthy creation by chef Rakhee turned out to be perfectly cooked and creamy even though we used no butter or fat.

Chermoula chicken cooked on normal pan – see the oil and how the chicken breast has dehydrated
Same chicken cooked on INNOVE cookware – moist and juicy
Barley risotto

I also witnessed for the first time that Sooji halwa (sheera) can be made completely without any ghee!

Sooji halwa without any fat

We also learnt a delicious vegan and  healthy cake recipe made with oats, dates and coconut oil. Chef Rakhee made this beautiful cake using Royal Prestige INNOVE cookware which we learnt that could be used in convection ovens also.

Vegan oats and dates cake

The workshop ended with lot of knowledge on healthy cooking and treasured recipes from Palate Culinary studio. Hat’s off to chef Rakhee for the innovative recipes and Seeba international for showing us the Royal Prestige way of cooking!

Hi!! I am Sneha - Nomad by choice and an investment banker by profession. Love food and enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. As an avid traveler, I am always planning my next itinerary. Join me on my quest for beautiful places, good food and memories that last forever. Explore the world with me.

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