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Mirchi & Mime – Food that speaks for itself!

First time I heard about this place from a friend, I thought ‘ok, one more Indian restaurant in the already crowded butter chicken & roti type of dining space’! But then the more I read the reviews and heard some awesome things from my friends, I started researching. The concept of Mirchi and Mime (M&M) is new and probably one of its kind in India. All the servers here are deaf-mute and right from placing order to billing, everything is done in sign language.

This stirred up my curiosity! After many unsuccessful attempts of securing a reservation I finally got one and since then I have enjoyed dining here three times.

The decor of this place is lovely, bit Italian I think. Only complaint I have is all three times we were made to sit at the very end, near to the restroom. Only solace was being able to see the chef grilling fresh kebabs in the copper tandoors. I assume they have limited tables for just 2 people and those are at the very end of the restaurant.

Once you’re assigned a table, the manager introduces the concept and guides you through the process of ordering. Eating at M&M is all about conversing with your server on equal terms. You don’t have to learn the sign language or something, a helpful guide is provided on the menu. Here are few drinks/dishes I have tried at M&M


Shikanji bacardi Julep (350/-) An indian lemonade twist on the julep with bacardi was perfect for beating the heat

Captain Morgan Mojito (400/-) Out server asked us that due to unavailability of Old monk if we would prefer it with Captain Morgan. No problem! because the mojito itself was perfectly made – not-too-sweet & with fresh mint leaves.

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Lobster nihari (235/-) This one is a must have soup at M&M. Creamy lobster jus served with lobster and chives vol-au-vent. The pastry literally melts in the jus and adds a nice bite to it. Quite interesting dish!

Tandoors and small eats

Duck seekh (395-) You can read any review on M&M and almost all of them will recommend duck seekh. The kebab is well spiced and is garnished with finely chopped bell peppers, herbs and orange rind. This is a dish you can not miss.

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Tandoori Quail (435/-) Wit these tiny quails there is always a risk of overcooking, making them dry. M&M serves you perfectly cooked, moist, lightly smoked tandoori quails. You need to go all desi on them, just keep your fork down and enjoy eating with your hands!

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Raw Mango prawn curry (485/-) Thick silky coconut gravy with raw mango pieces and juicy prawns. This is a match made in heaven. Perfect accompaniment for the aromatic  aged basmati rice (115/-)

Chorizo and sausage chili fry (475-) If you are looking  some heat this dish is just for you. It will transport you straight back to Goa with its spicy Goan chorizo.

Dahi Kofta (335-) Vegetarians, look no further for a good curry. The creamy koftas made with hung curd are served in tangy tomato based gravy. The kasuri methi in the gravy perfectly complements the sweetness from the koftas without being overpowering.

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Sugar-free Sitaphal Pannacotta (195/-) M&M has some hits under their belt with Nutella & Toffee tart and Eton Mess. But set out to try something different, for me Sitaphal Pannacotta is a clear winner. Despite of being sugar-free it is delicious, creamy and a good way to end my meal without overdosing on sugar.

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The food is Indian/Indian fusion at its best. A good break from the masala and oil laden curries that you get in run of the mill Indian restaurants. From Guinea fowl to Quail to duck, M&M knows how to serve the meat. For vegetarians the choices are endless. Portions are perfect and you can easily have a 3 course meal to enjoy the menu at its fullest.

Price – The prices quoted above are as of April 2016 and without taxes. A full meal for 2 including drinks comes to around 3,000/-.

My every visit to Mirchi and Mime has left me with firm desire to come back and have another enjoyable evening. Kudos to team Mirchi and Mime for keeping us Mumbaikars full and yet asking for more!

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