Prague Eating out Guide – Tasting Your Way Through the City of a Hundred Spires

You never really think of Prague as a foodie destination. One of my friends had once jokingly said that if you get hungry in Prague, you eat meat and potatoes because that’s all there is. So to be honest I had no expectation of savouring any extraordinary meal when I reached Prague. But it took me less than a day to fall in love with the local food. The way some locals & restaurants are trying to revive pre-war culture & bring back the lost recipes to table is extraordinary. I am going to give you a small glimpse of it in this Prague Eating Out Guide.

Hungry in Amsterdam – 12 things you need to eat (and drink) in Amsterdam

Dutch cuisine has not yet entered our kitchen as much as Italian or Chinese cuisine. To be honest even my knowledge of Dutch food was limited to Gouda and Edam cheese. But when I traveled to Amsterdam I was so amazed at the variety & colonial influence in the Dutch cuisine that I decided to write it all down in this tiny Amsterdam food guide. Use this for your weekend of gluttony! Let me tell you the 12 things you need to try in Amsterdam in this ‘Hungry in Amsterdam’ guide.

Le Cinq, Paris – Not just a review

If there is one thing I learned from my short trip to Paris was that if you can talk about wine and food with any Frenchman, you will end up talking all day and night. It is not just the complexity that French cuisine offers but also the pure love for all things delicious. Add a bit of luxury and opulence to that and what you get is pure magic – a treat for your eyes and soul. That’s why Le Cinq ranks as a winner.

Street food festival at 24/7 restaurant, The Lalit, Mumbai

Mumbai – a cosmopolitan city and a melting pot of cultures. People from across the country and many from different corners of the world come to this city for work and even for leisure.

The food that you get in Mumbai is as diverse as the people that live here. From 5 star fine-dining restaurants to the food stalls at every corner, this city has something for all taste buds & pocket sizes.

Pan Asian cuisine at E.AS.T. Sahara Star

Few days back I had a chance to dine at East Asian Spice Trails known as E.A.S.T. at hotel Sahara Star in Mumbai. The dinner was hosted by Food Blogger Association of India (FBAI) and was a lavish Asian food affair.

I have always been fascinated with Sahara Star – the dome is impossible to miss if you are around the Mumbai International airport. The architecture of this hotel is quite unconventional and from the moment you step in, you begin to enjoy the starry opulence.

Craft – Deli, Bistro & Bar

Phoenix market city is my go-to place as I am sure it is for people staying in central suburbs. With lot of options for shopping and eating, it has become my favorite place to hang out on the weekends.

After exploring couple of eateries in the mall, I decided to give Craft Deli, Bistro & Bar a go. It’s now been couple of months since I have not dined anywhere else at Market City apart from Craft!

Breakfast at Aromas – Powai

Places have opened and closed in Powai but this one stands the test of time. Consistent quality in food & service and perfect café setup gets it 4.0 rating from me. I have been visiting Aromas regularly for their delicious breakfasts. A run in Powai must be supplemented with Aromas big breakfast, fresh sandwiches and coffees. And for those cheat days you need the sweet treats from Aromas. If you work in and around Powai, make sure to visit for their mains – salads, pastas etc. They have things in their menu to suit each hour of the day and every occasion. Make sure to go early as the place gets full pretty quickly.

Mirchi & Mime – Food that speaks for itself!

First time I heard about this place from a friend, I thought ‘ok, one more Indian restaurant in the already crowded butter chicken & roti type of dining space’! But then the more I read the reviews and heard some awesome things from my friends, I started researching. The concept of Mirchi and Mime (M&M) is new and probably one of its kind in India. All the servers here are deaf-mute and right from placing order to billing, everything is done in sign language.

Welcome to The Nomadic Gourmet

“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”

                                                                                                               –  Lao Tzu

Childhood is like an empty canvas, the memories shape you, mould you and give you a direction. Well to begin with, my canvas seemed like an abstract painting! I was interested in each and everything that existed around me – Arts, sports, academics, religion (yes, I used to love reading all religious scriptures). It wasn’t about just going to school, playing with friends or being pampered by my family. Although I like to think that I have had some form of attention disorder but it wasn’t the case. Few things captured my attention for more than few days. But there it was, one thing that I  had done over and over again and it still interests me.