Une délicieuse soirée – (Part 2) Diwali special Strawberry karanji

With less than 10 days left for Diwali, I am sure that everyone must be busy preparing Diwali faral. Every time I think of my granny frying the shankarpali and preparing laddus I get nostalgic and the sweet sweet aroma of ghee that used to linger in the kitchen even after Diwali was over makes me want to go back in time.

Une délicieuse soirée – (Part 1) One delightful evening with Atout France and Bonne Maman

One rainy evening, I was stuck in Mumbai traffic and little did I know that it was about to end on such a sugary sweet note! I was on my way to a baking event organised by Atout France – France tourism development agency and Bonne Maman- manufacturer of homemade style fruit preserves. And it was hosted by none other than chef Pooja Dhingra of famous Le 15 patisserie in her cooking studio in association with Food Bloggers Association of India (FBAI).

Vegan protein shake with a twist

Being a hard-core non-vegetarian, it is not difficult for me to get enough protein in my diet. My meals usually consist of chicken, meat or fish. After workouts I eat eggs and maybe take a protein supplement. But lately I have been getting bored of the same old egg drama – boiled/scrambled/poached, be it anything but I needed a break from my affair with egg.

Aloo corn tikkis

Today I woke up craving chat! No reason..simply one of those days when I wanted to deviate from my usual bread and egg breakfast. Weekend does that to me!

Breakfast in my house consists of different type of omelette or frittata, egg sandwiches or soft-boiled eggs. Basically I try to incorporate something healthy in my early morning meals before the foodie in me wakes up and starts cribbing. And it’s not just me, I have one more fussy eater in the house, my husband! I simply cannot put the same stuff in front of him and expect him to eat it without asking’ what else do we have in the house’! And anyways the egg breakfast had become kind of routine lately.

Going back to my roots – Vatana aani Kakdi (white peas and cucumber) usal

I am going back to my roots today. When it comes to food, just saying that I am a Maharashtrian is not enough. It requires further drill down as to which part of Konkan am I bringing to the table – Goan cuisine, spicy Malwani, cuisine from Ratnagiri or from upper part of Konkan such as Raigad. India itself is such a large country that you can visit two places and find the same dish made differently in each one. Different place different taste!

Quick and easy – Roasted red pepper dip

One of my earliest memories is when I discovered bell peppers aka capsicums in different shapes, sizes and colors. I love cooking with green peppers and chilis. Peppers in general are so versatile, you can saute them, grill them, puree them. Today I am going to talk about my foolproof recipe of roasted red pepper dip. Easy to make and packed with punch.

Welcome to The Nomadic Gourmet

“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”

                                                                                                               –  Lao Tzu

Childhood is like an empty canvas, the memories shape you, mould you and give you a direction. Well to begin with, my canvas seemed like an abstract painting! I was interested in each and everything that existed around me – Arts, sports, academics, religion (yes, I used to love reading all religious scriptures). It wasn’t about just going to school, playing with friends or being pampered by my family. Although I like to think that I have had some form of attention disorder but it wasn’t the case. Few things captured my attention for more than few days. But there it was, one thing that I  had done over and over again and it still interests me.