Une délicieuse soirée – (Part 2) Diwali special Strawberry karanji

With less than 10 days left for Diwali, I am sure that everyone must be busy preparing Diwali faral. Every time I think of my granny frying the shankarpali and preparing laddus I get nostalgic and the sweet sweet aroma of ghee that used to linger in the kitchen even after Diwali was over makes me want to go back in time.

Going back to my roots – Vatana aani Kakdi (white peas and cucumber) usal

I am going back to my roots today. When it comes to food, just saying that I am a Maharashtrian is not enough. It requires further drill down as to which part of Konkan am I bringing to the table – Goan cuisine, spicy Malwani, cuisine from Ratnagiri or from upper part of Konkan such as Raigad. India itself is such a large country that you can visit two places and find the same dish made differently in each one. Different place different taste!