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Une délicieuse soirée – (Part 1) One delightful evening with Atout France and Bonne Maman

One rainy evening, I was stuck in Mumbai traffic and little did I know that it was about to end on such a sugary sweet note! I was on my way to a baking event organised by Atout France – France tourism development agency and Bonne Maman- manufacturer of homemade style fruit preserves. And it was hosted by none other than chef Pooja Dhingra of famous Le 15 patisserie in her cooking studio in association with Food Bloggers Association of India (FBAI).

I have to admit, without exaggeration, that I love Bonne Maman products. My first encounter with Bonne Maman was in London when I found this packet of Madeleines in the biscuits isle. The packet didn’t last to see light of next day 🙂 Preserves and jams were next. Since then eating Bonne Maman preserves and saving those cute little glass jars has become a habit!

What are the first things that come to your mind when you think of France and french cuisine – Eiffel tower, the Louvre, croissant, macaroons in Ladurée, Le Cordon Bleu? Ofcourse these are a must see and must do things in France but there is so much more to explore. Ms. Sheetal Munshaw -Director, Atout France said “We want Indian tourists to go beyond seeing just the popular attractions and explore the wine & gastronomic delights that this country has to offer. This may come as a surprise but France is also equipped to cater to the vegetarian travellers”.

Well, first thing on my itinerary would be to learn the art of foraging and living in french countryside in a self sustainable manner. It has been on my mind since I saw a TV show about surviving entirely on foraged food. Picking nettle leaves, mushrooms from your backyard and enjoying a warm meal with some local french wine, how fantastic would that be! If you know me, you know that I am always up for all things local and seasonal!

Bonne Maman brings the best of France in a jar. Good food that can be served in a variety of ways. Their preserves and jams are preservatives, gluten & GMO free. Versatile and flavorful, we learnt from chef Pooja and chef Pablo, the art of french patisserie using Bonne Maman preserves.

With chef Pablo and chef Pooja

First was the Matcha cakes, Matcha being in latest trend in superfoods. We combined it with Apricot preserve.

Piping the Matcha cake batter
Filled with Apricot preserve
Beautiful, isn’t it?

Thumbprint cookies were the next. Topped with strawberry preserve, they looked gorgeous and tasted so delicious!

Thumbprint cookies
Like Red rubies!

The evening ended with us devouring the cakes and thinking of new ways to use Bonne Maman preserves when they gifted us a big jar of Strawberry preserve.


I have my chef’s hat on and working up on something that tells story of my encounter with Bonne Maman – A little bit of India with a little bit of France. Stay tuned, as ‘Une délicieuse soirée – part 2’ is coming up very soon!

Till then, au revoir!



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