Vegan protein shake with a twist

Being a hard-core non-vegetarian, it is not difficult for me to get enough protein in my diet. My meals usually consist of chicken, meat or fish. After workouts I eat eggs and maybe take a protein supplement. But lately I have been getting bored of the same old egg drama – boiled/scrambled/poached, be it anything but I needed a break from my affair with egg.

My friends often ask me how to get enough protein if they are vegetarian ? Especially since the Shravan month is on, the quest for vegetarian options has begun even for some of my carnivores friends. The obvious veg choices see to be Paneer, Daal, Soyaean etc. And although they all taste good, you can’t have a bowl of hot daal after a workout, can you? So I set out to experiment something different, incorporating things in an unconventional manner yet yielding tasty results.

Lately there has been a lot of buzz in the media about Turmeric latte – yes the same old ‘haldi ka doodh’ that we were fed since childhood to recover from cold & cough! The western world has realized the benefits of turmeric now whereas we Indians have been using it for everything from treating wounds to beauty treatments. Not only turmeric is anti-inflammatory, it is also anti-bacterial. So I decided to give a vegan twist to our very own Turmeric Latte – A vegan protein shake that you can drink post your strenuous workout to recover.

In my version I have used a secret ingredient. It is vegan, it is healthy and it gave my turmeric latte a beautiful creamy texture. Any guesses what it is?

Tofu! Yes, that’s correct. The same tofu used in stir-fries and in Asian cuisine. We don’t use tofu in Indian cuisine and according to me it is pretty bland. But a good thing about Tofu is that it’s like a sponge and can soak up the flavor that you decide to incorporate in the dish. It also acts as an excellent thickener.

I recently received a git hamper from Mooz Formaggio – a company that makes a range of cheeses & milk products. They also had tofu which was soft and fresh, perfect for this recipe!

So here is the recipe for my Vegan workout shake

Time – 5 min

Serves – 2 tall glasses


200 ml Soy Milk

1-2 ripe bananas, chopped

2 tbsp honey

1 tbsp turmeric

40 g plain Tofu crumbled

2 tbsp almond shavings (you can use cashew/walnut as you prefer)

Ice cubes

I also added few strands of saffron to enhance the color and the fragrance


Mix turmeric in the soy milk & heat over medium flame, stirring continuously. The idea is to incorporate the turmeric in the milk but not to let the soy milk boil.

At this point add few strands of saffron if you choose

Heat for 2 min, then remove from the heat & let it cool

In a blender, add bananas, honey, tofu & the turmeric milk & mix well till completely blended

Pour in 2 glasses, sprinkle shaved almonds over the top

Add Ice–cubes & serve chilled. Since the ingredients are raw, consume immediately or within a day.


Verdict – This drink turned out to be so filling & oh so tasty! Does it taste like tofu? Not at all! The tofu only gives it a nice texture & adds extra protein to the shake.

PS. I am not a nutritionist but I know a thing or two about healthy food & I understand what works well for me!

I would love to hear your feedback on this recipe. How did it go, did you like it, did you give the recipe your personal twist? Send me your comments on



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